jakub | July 31, 2023

aespa’s new single ‘Better Things’ is an unreleased demo by RAYE

K-pop girl group aespa have teased their upcoming single ‘Better Things’, which is allegedly an unreleased demo track by English singer-songwriter RAYE.

Last week, aespa began sharing teasers for a mysterious new release, which the group later revealed would be a single titled ‘Better Things’, due out on August 18 at midnight local time.

Today (July 31), the quartet unveiled a teaser for the song which included an 8-bit-inspired snippet of the track playing over a visual of a retro handheld water ring toss game.

While the preview did not include any vocals or lyrics, fans deduced from its title and melody that the girl group’s new song might be an unreleased RAYE demo track titled ‘Better Things To Do With My Time’, was originally intended for her 2020 mini-album ‘Euphoric Sad Songs’.

That I, I got better things to do with my time / Better things to do with my time, do with my time than you / Oh, I got better things to do with my time,” sings RAYE in the chorus of the original demo. According to Genius, the song was written by the singer and Leroy Clampitt, who also produced it.

‘Better Things’ will be aespa’s second release of 2023, following their May mini-album ‘MY WORLD’ and its title track ‘Spicy’. The record also included the pre-release single ‘Welcome to MY World’, and the songs ‘Salty & Sweet’, ‘Thirsty’, ‘Till We Meet Again’ and ‘I’m Unhappy’.

At a press conference for the release, the girl group revealed that their first full-length album is in the works. Leader Karina also shared that they “do want to include” the solo tracks aespa performed during their ‘SYNK: Hyper Line’ concert in February in the record.

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