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“An Evening With Lauren Jauregui” Latin American Tour Arrived In Lima, Peru at The Park of the Exposition On March 07, 2023



North American singer and songwriter Lauren Jauregui arrived in Lima as part of her Latin American tour called “An Evening With…” that began in Argentina and went through Brazil and Chile before arriving in Peru. As you will remember, Lauren was part of the successful group Fifth Harmony together with Camila Cabello and with which she sold millions of records in the world, being one of the most successful female groups in recent years. Fifth Harmony has scored the most top ten albums on the US Billboard 200 for any girl group this century. They have also won awards at the American Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Guinness World Records, MTV Video Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, among others. Despite all these achievements, the group decided to go on hiatus in 2018 and this allowed Jauregui to focus on her solo career. After recording several successful songs including “Invisible Chains” that was part of the soundtrack of the movie Birds Of Prey, Lauren Jauregui released her EP Prelude in November 2021. In June of last year, the artist announced her tour of Latin America to October 2022 but due to logistical problems it had to be postponed to March of this year.

This is how Lauren Jauregui came to Peru for the second time after several years (she came in 2016 with her former band) to introduce us to her new songs in a very intimate show where she was only accompanied by two dancers. The concert was held in the Parque de la Exposición de Lima and the person in charge of opening the show was the Peruvian artist Lateral who is known for his style full of energy and his talent for Rap since he began his career in the world of rap and competitive freestyle before focusing on R&B. In 2022 he released his EP Casi Sobrenatural which has been very well received by the Peruvian and Ecuadorian public after performing at the Contracorriente Festival in Ecuador, where he shared the stage with other Latin American artists. Lateral began his show at 8 pm and quickly connected with the audience that was mostly young. He began with “No Concibo” and for almost 40 minutes, he performed the songs from his EP and other singles such as “Deja Vu” and “Manual de Tentaciones”. At one point during his presentation, he remembered with joy that in 2016 he was in the audience at the Fifth Harmony concert and he couldn’t believe that he was now sharing the stage with Lauren.



Lateral: Vocals, Guitar

Rafael Benavides: Guitar





1.No Concibo


3.Manual de Tentaciones

4.Casi Sobrenatural

5.Alguien Como Tu

6.Deja Vu


8.Dame Tu Love


At around 9:15 p.m. and in the middle of a rain that fortunately did not last long, the highly anticipated Lauren Jauregui came out on stage wearing a red suit and the excited screams of all the attendees who had made the show a successful sold out were heard across the venue. “Slow” was the song that opened the concert amid the happiness of her fans who received her with posters expressing their love for her. Lauren greeted the public thanking the warm welcome they gave her and went on to interpret “While I’m Alive” followed by “50 FT”, much sung by all attendees.

The show continued with very emotional moments due to the affection that the public showed the artist. All her songs were sung out loud by the fans and her movements and choreography were highly applauded. After “Colors” the stage went dark and when the lights came back on Lauren had a chair on stage where she sat down to perform “Expectations” and end the show with her hit “Piña”. With this song the artist said goodbye to the public while red roses fell all over the stage as well as other gifts.

The show lasted just over an hour and as we mentioned at the beginning, it was a rather intimate staging where Lauren was accompanied by two dancers with whom they did some very sensual choreography that caused screams among the attendees.

It should be noted that the accredited photographers were only able to photograph the first three songs from the soundboard since we were prohibited from approaching the stage. Fortunately, the amphitheater is not very big, and the soundboard was about 20 meters from the stage. At the close of this review, Lauren Jauregui has already passed through Colombia, the Dominican Republic and is preparing to finish her tour in Mexico.





2.While I´m Alive

3.50 FT

4.On Guard

5.Don’t Want To Say

6.Trust Issues




10.Always Love









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