jakub | October 15, 2023

Attack On Israeli Music Festival

I know it’s been a few days. I didn’t report on this because honestly, this broke my heart and I couldn’t find the words. Death is such a hard topic and I wasn’t sure what words to use to describe this heartbreaking attack. Recently, there was an attack on an Israeli Music Festival.


Thousands of our festival family had gathered to attend a festival that celebrated peace and love on October 7th near the Gaza Strip before Hamas chose to gun them down. Over 260 people are confirmed dead at this time. Any death is horrific but 260 people shatters my heart and my faith in humanity. In addition, many people were taken hostage. At this time, not everyone’s whereabouts have been determined.

While I know this is late news, I’m posting it in hopes that you will stop to think about the ramifications of this attack. I’m keeping politics and religion out of this post. These are human beings, our festival family, who are now gone. People who will never join us again in celebrating peace and love. I’m sending my love to everyone in attendance. When you attend your next festival, take a moment and reflect on those who lost their lives. Here’s the news article we used for details.

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