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Bastardane Brings The Metal to Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento, California on August 30, 2023



On Wednesday August 30, 2023 I headed out to midtown  Sacramento California and Goldfield Trading Post. The drive was remarkably easy compared to some of the other trips to Sacramento. Light traffic, beautiful weather, perfect. On the agenda for the evening was Modern Monsters, OTTTO and Bastardane.

Modern Monsters were up first.  This San Francisco, California based band hit the stage with a vengeance that set the tone for the night. Their short but powerful set was full of energy and a pit quickly formed. During their set, they kept up the pace and kept the crowd, that wasn’t in the pit, glued to the stage. It’s no wonder they are getting people’s attention around the Bay Area, they really got the crowd warmed up for the upcoming bands.


Modern Monsters members are:

Josh Weaver – Vocals

Wyatt Lennon – guitar

Rich Wells – guitar

Brody Bass – bass

Keenan Tuohy – drums




1). Bigote

2). Greed

3). Lament

4). Prism

5). Stay Free

6). Fiend

7). Run


OTTTO was up next. This trio from Venice Beach, California knows how to rock. Bringing thrash, metal and funk into the mix, they had the pit moving to the tempo they were setting. OTTTO’s set was fun and well put together. Bassist Tye Trujillo (son of Robert Trujillo), was on fire. The drummer “Triko” played hard and with emotion. His facial expressions really showed his intensity. Bryan driving guitar sounds were powerful and deliberate. Nothing over the top, just solid guitar playing. This is a band to keep an eye on.


OTTTO members are:

Bryan Noah Ferretti – vocals/guitar

Tye Trujillo – bass

Patrick “Triko” Chavez – drums




1). Ride Low

2). My Pain

3). Cosmos

4). Night Howlers

5).  Sorius

6). Ghost Rider

7). The Void 

8). Rising Machines

9). Skyscraper


Finally, Bastardane was up. Jacobious came out in a makeshift marching band uniform and rocked the vocals while Ethan and Sterling brought the heat on guitar and bass. Castor Hetfield (son of James Hetfield) was insane behind the drum kit and he looked like he was having a blast. While many of the songs were on the thrash side of metal, even their slower songs were pretty heavy. They rocked through about 3/4 of their set before Jacobious lost the uniform and played out the rest of the set shirtless. At one point, half the band ended up in the pit all while still playing. Bastardane was definitely a fun band with a lot of character. All in All this was a great set, full of energy and flair. 


Bastardane members are:

Jacobious Lovebone – vocals

Ethan Sirotzki – guitars

Castor Hetfield – drums/backing vocals

Sterling Brown – bass




1). Lord

2). Prairie No Bliss

3). Above All

4). Imposter

5). Grand Slam

6). Revolt

7). Slow Decay

8). Bass Breaks

9). Gaslight


10). Masquerade









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