jakub | December 25, 2023

Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2024 – The Festival Voice

Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2024 is one that I feel gets the festival season started year after year. The positive vibes I felt during the 2022 Beyond truly felt so energetic and full of life since, during the winter, the festivals slowed down in their production besides the vast array of NYE festivals that ravers choose amongst. The lineup for Beyond always seems to have those headliners whom Insomniac knows the crowd loves during the new year. For instance, Mau P was on the rise in late 2022 and into 2023, so he appeared at Beyond 2023 and eventually hosted his own Day Trip later that year during the summer. So, there is obvious speculation that artists recently climbing within John Summit’s label, Experts Only, might have artists like Odd Mob and OMNOM appear at this upcoming SoCal Beyond Wonderland 2024.

The beautiful thing about the EDM music scene is that there are always hungry artists waiting for their chance to perform the music they worked tiredly to produce in front of the crowd for applause, chants, and smiles. So, Insomniac has the headliners who have carried the EDM scene on their backs for years (REZZ, Seven Lions, Excision, etc.) while allowing new tastes to open the festival to fans. Insomniac has grown tremendously within the last year itself and Beyond Wonderland has been a strong festival of Insomniac’s since its beginning in 2010. It will be exciting to see what they choose to provide to the ever-growing culture and community of ravers within the festival grounds of Beyond Wonderland for its fourteenth year around the sun. 

We look forward to seeing the lineup drop soon, and perhaps it will be released at this year’s Countdown NYE. Stay tuned!

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