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Bikeweek Kicks Off in Daytona Beach, Florida with Blandini Headlining The El Bandido Stage At Main Street Station March 3, 2023



I made the trek into Daytona Beach Florida on the first official day of Bike Week 2023, the 82nd year of this great event. I had to add one more to the census count that will add over a million visitors to this beach community. When you think of Daytona Beach Florida, three things come to mind, the beach and bikinis, The Daytona 500, and Bike Week. The speedway that hosts the 500 has motorcycle racing every night, but the beach hold the night life. Every bar and venue up and down the coast are hosting national acts and local cover bands every night. Additional stages are brought in for the week and accommodate entertainment for the masses. Some venues have three bands playing at once! Day one, March 3, 2023, there were over 100 bands performing in central Florida with the bulk of the shows at the beach.

So, where is All Music Magazine Central Florida suppose to be? You’re right, in Daytona at the beach kicking off our brand  CentralFloridaMusicLive.com and the new Facebook page Central Florida Music Live. The cool part about Bike Week is, there were three venues I stopped at and covered Five bands with three blocks on Main Street. Main Street is closed to traffic other than those thundering iron horses that lined the streets and slowly traveled by. Bike Week is a spectacle with plenty to see as the sidewalks are spilling over with motorcycle and music lovers.


Jeff Vitolo and The Quarter Mile Rebels The Legendary Boot Hill Saloon 6:00pm – 9:00pm

I started the evening out on Main Street at the Legendary Boot Hill Saloon who had added a stage on the front parking lot. Performing on that stage was Jeff Vitolo and The Quarter Mile Rebels, a high octane rockabilly band with roots rock from the west coast of Florida. Jeff Vitolo is a top-notch guitar player and performer. If you’re wanting to dance and rock out, The Quarter Mile Rebels play a mix of cover songs and originals. Check out the images to get an idea of the style of entertainment! Always a great entertaining show!




Jeff Vitolo – Guitar/Vocals

Mike Murphy – Drums




Gun Shy Main Street Station Front Stage 6:00pm-8:30pm

Being present at bike week allows a fan to be exposed to new and not so new bands performing. Gun Shy is a band that I have wanted to check out for a while, and I was happy to see them on the Main Street Station front stage as I dropped in from the street. The crowds were large and excited as the band rocked out. Gun Shy performs from Country to southern rock and new rock. They also have original songs. Check them out!





Bruce Arnette: Guitar and vocals



Redline Main Street Station Main Stage 6:00pm-9:00pm

Redline from Deltona, Florida was another one of those bands I have been wanting to hear, I was in luck as they were at the main stage getting the crowd ready for the night’s headliner, Blandini. Redline plays hard classic rocking covers from Joe Walsh to The Scorpions! A great rocking crowd was in front of the stage and pure joy could be seen on every face. Check this band out as well.





Rockit Fly Outside Stage at Full Moon Saloon 5:30pm-8:30pm

Rockit Fly is a band high in demand and they were a must see at Bike Week. Pedro Espada’s vocal has incredible range, and he can be found on YouTube covering many songs that any singer would love to sing. Drummer Emmett Hart III is involved in a few band side projects, and even has time to submit stories to All Music Magazine’s editorial page. This is a solid band and is ready to release their latest album Breakout. Support these local bands and get out see them. You will have a blast!



Pedro Espada – Vocals

Sterling McKeand – Guitar

Emmett Hart III – Drums

Brad Lepp – Bass



Blandini Main Stage Main Street Station 10pm-12am

The headliner of the day at Main Street Station on the biggest stage on the block, was Blandini. Blandini hasn’t played Bike Week in two years because the members touring schedules and the pandemic wouldn’t allow. Central Florida favorite Jeff Blando, who plays guitar for Slaughter and Vince Neil is constantly on the road but calls Orlando home. Bass player Paul Drennan who played with 38 Special last year and plays in two other local bands is always a constant alongside Blando for Blandini gigs and the latest project Music Mob. New to the party, was drummer Jordan Cannata, Slaughters current touring drummer. This was the first exposure for me to Jordan, and all I can say is wow! I describe him as a cross between Will Hunt with technical ability, and Zoltan Chaney with things visually rarely seen on stage, just pure entertainment.

The Blandini set was changed up a bit from the covers performed last time I saw the band. The highlights are still there, Dio, Black Sabbath, Peter Frampton covers, and the Led Zeppelin medley are still the crowd favorites. The energy on the stage this night was pure electric and the crowd responded. These are high quality musicians, and no one walks away unsatisfied. I think it was my 12th time covering them and it is always a great rocking time!


Jeff Blando – Guitar/Vocals

Paul Drennan – Bass/Vocals

Jordan Cannata – Drums




1.) We Will Rock You  (Queen Cover)

2.) Paranoid   (Black Sabbath Cover)

3.) Stay With Me  (Faces Cover)

4.) Still of The Night  (White Snake Cover)

5.) Snortin Whiskey  (Pat Travers Cover)

6.) Would  (Alice & Chains Cover)

7.) Heaven & Hell  (Black Sabbath Cover)

8.) I Don’t Know

9.) Strangle Hold  (Ted Nugent Cover)

10.) Free For All  (Ted Nugent Cover)

11.) Judgement Day  (Kings of Chaos Cover)

12.) Led Zeppelin Medley

Whole Lotta Love

Good Times Bad Times

The Ocean

What Is & What Should Never Be

Moby Dick

Dazed and Confussed

 Stairway to Heaven

13.) Possum Kingdom  (The Toadies Cover)

14.) Starseed  (Our Lady Peace Cover)

15.) Baba O’Riley  (The Who Cover)

16.) Feel Like I Do  (Peter Frampton Cover)






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