jakub | May 16, 2023

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was willing to re-record ‘Shoong!’ “100 times”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has discussed her experience working with Big Bang singer and soloist Taeyang on their track ‘Shoong!’.

Lisa recently spoke about her recent collaboration with Big Bang’s Taeyang on ‘Shoong!’ in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea. The pair released the track as well as its accompanying visual in April, alongside Taeyang’s mini-album ‘Down To Earth’.

“Taeyang has always been a person who supported me warmly whenever I ran into him since I was a trainee,” she shared. “It was a great honour to work with a senior who loves and respects his juniors.”

Lisa then talked about her approach to ‘Shoong!’, adding that Taeyang’s satisfaction with the end result had been her highest priority. “The important thing about featuring [in someone else’s song] is to support the main character of the song to shine more than me,” Lisa explained.

“For this song, I said I’d to do it 100 times until he was satisfied after [Taeyang] jokingly asked me, ‘Shall we do it three more times?’,” the K-pop idol added.

She also spoke about her experience filming the music video for ‘Shoong!’ with the K-pop veteran, sharing that Taeyang’s professionalism had made her especially comfortable and confident on set. “While working with someone like that, I felt like I’d become a professional too, so I think I learned a lot,” Lisa said.

Following the release of the song, Taeyang spoke about his first impression of Lisa as a trainee. “I told our CEO at the time, ‘I think she will do well no matter what.’ […] Watching her become so successful makes me proud,” he shared.

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