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Bloodywood hits Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, California May 6, 2023


On Saturday May 6, 2023 I hit the road for Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, California. While I have been to the midtown Sacramento location a few times, this was my first trip to this location. I will say, this stage is much grander than the midtown location. Nestled in the heart of downtown Roseville, Goldfield is a destination spot for all things music in Roseville and this night was packed to the rafters.

Up first was Wargasm (UK). I unfortunately, missed seeing the first two songs due to the HUGE line to get in (and they started early) but, with the way the venue is set up, I got to hear the songs as I was waiting to get in. Let me say, this band should not be an opener. They shredded their entire set. Not only did they sound great, they looked the part as well.  This is a band to watch out for, they are going places.


Wargasm are:

Milkie Way – vocals, bass, guitar, production

Sam Matlock – vocals, guitar, production

Touring members

Edison Hunter – guitar

Adam Breeze – drums

Adam Crilly – DJ, electronics, vocals




1). Superfiend

2). D.R.I.L.D.O.

3). Rage All Over

4). Pyro Pyro

5). Fukstar

6). Lapdance

7). Backyard Bastards

8). Spit


Next up was Vended. I knew nothing of them coming in and they blew me away. Fronted by Corey Taylor‘s son Griffin and backed up on drums by Clown‘s son Simon.  They rocked their set like seasoned pros and the crowd ate it up. When they hit the stage, they powered through their short but effective set. Vended captivated the audience from the first notes and left the stage with cries of “One more song!”. That being said, I can’t wait to see them again soon.


Vended are:

Griffin Taylor – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Simon Crahan – drums, percussion

Connor Grodzicki – lead guitar, backing vocals

Jeremiah Pugh – bass, backing vocals

Cole Espeland – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals




1), Ded To Me

2). Am I The Only One

3). Overall

4). Burn My Misery

5). The Farside

6). Asylum


Bloodywood is a fusion band that on paper, shouldn’t work, but is does! It works so well. This Indian folk metal band is inspiring and super entertaining. Blending Indian folk music with nu-metal with political and social issues makes Bloodywood’s music so relevant to today’s world. When they hit the stage, time stopped and the room exploded. They played with the vigor of a band possessed. I could have watched their set three times over and still have been entertained. I don’t think people will ever tire of their live performances. One thing I thought was cool, when introducing the band, they started with the merch guy and the tour photographer.  That really stood out. Props guys!


Bloodywood are:

Karan Katiyar – guitars, flute, production, composition

Jayant Bhadula – vocals, growls

Raoul Kerr – rap vocals

Sarthak Pahwa – dhol

Roshan Roy – bass

Vishesh Singh – drums




1). Gaddar

2). BSDK.exe

3). Aaj

4). Dana Dan

5). Jee Veerey

6). Zanjeero Se

7). Machi Bhasad (Expect a Riot)

8). Ari Ari


9). Gaddar (V2)











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