jakub | February 15, 2023

Bonnaroo Artist of the Day #2 – Diarrhea Planet

All aboard the hype train for Bonnaroo 2023! Only 121 days until we are all on the Farm again. Today’s Artist of the Day is the one and only Diarrhea Planet. Learn more about the artist below. Don’t forget to check out all of our artist spotlights! Check back in with us tomorrow!

Artist Biography

Hailing from Nashville, Diarrhea Planet is a pop-punk outfit with a passion for guitars, so much so that they have four guitarists in their band. The band started in 2009 after self-releasing their debut EP Aloha. With a coordinated cacophony that seems unwieldy, the band became a powerhouse known for their live shows. After opening for various bands, Diarrhea Planet signed with Infinity Cat Recordings out of Nashville and released their debut LP Loose Jewels in 2011. The band continued to build their fanbase with their live shows, reaching the mountaintops of SXSW and headlining shows. The band kept with steady releases until their breakup in 2018. They came back with two reunion shows in Nashville in late 2022. Their next anticipated set is to be at Bonnaroo in 2023.


Garage Rock, Pop Punk


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