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Caretaker of ‘The Conjuring’ home shares her spookiest encounters

The caretaker and former resident of the house that inspired The Conjuring has shared her spookiest experiences while living at the Rhode Island farmhouse.

From creepy footsteps to mysterious voices to “shadow figures” inside the house, this home lives up to its reputation built from the 2013 horror. Madison Heinzen’s family previously owned the property, so she is accustomed to its spine-chilling features, and even hosts ghost tours at the house.

In an interview with The Sun she shared some of the inexplicable ghostly experiences she has had in the house, and describes her most terrifying encounters, including hearing voices.

The Conjuring Patrick Wilson Vera Farmiga
Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring (Credit: Warner Bros)

“I heard a voice say my name out loud and it freaked me out,” said the 23-year-old. “I thought it was my mum, it sounded distant like your mum nagging you, it was repeatedly ‘Madison, Madison’, so I’m thinking what does my mum need?”

However, when she went to investigate, Heinzen realised her mother hadn’t been calling after her, telling her she was “on the complete opposite side so there’s no way [she] would have heard it.”

Heinzen said she had an unusual childhood, growing up in the house which inspired the successful horror franchise, with paranormal investigators for parents and regular trips ghosthunting. Having first watched The Conjuring aged 13, she shared she was excited to move into the house but it was clear from the start something else was at play: “We were checking out different parts of the house and I heard this, what sounded like a growl to me, it was above my head and I was looking through stuff the owner left behind.”

She added, “It freaked me out because I was like, maybe I’m not meant to be touching that stuff, maybe they don’t like that.”

But one of her scariest experiences happened when she wasn’t the only one there to witness, and it’s spookily similar to a scene in the movie.

While sitting down doing an interview, she heard two claps. “We all looked at each other and I was like ‘Oh my God’ because that was something that happened in the movies that they would play hide and clap,” she said, referring to the scene in the first The Conjuring movie where in a game, the characters wear blindfolds, but hear some unwelcome claps coming from the basement.

Heinzen went on to say that she still reguarly sleeps at the house, but never goes to the basement alone.

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