jakub | February 7, 2024

Chung Ha opens up about leaving her label: “I was quite naive”

Chung Ha has spoken up about her time as an independent artist after she parted ways with long-time label MNH Entertainment.

Chung Ha recently made a guest appearance on Eric Nam‘s online talk show The Daebak Show. During her time on the show, she looked back on her time as an independent artist, following her departing from MNH Entertainment and before signing on with Jay Park’s More Vision label.

“After parting ways with my [previous] company, I just had the freedom, I just had that time to make my own choices and just be a blank [slate],” she said. “I always belonged somewhere. I was always on schedule, with my manager.”

The singer added that “after a certain point”, she just wanted to be “away” from the rigidity of a career under strong company management. Despite that, she described herself as a “fool” during her time as an independent artist.

“Even when I wanted to go somewhere all of a sudden, since I had a manager all the time taking me to places I wanted to go, I didn’t know what to do when I was alone,” she recalled. “Even the small things, I didn’t know how to do it. The more I learned about myself, the more I found myself [to be] silly.”

“I think I was quite naive and a bit vulnerable, but I wanted to go through this [period] wisely,” Chung Ha continued. “I wanted to figure out that fragileness in me, so I wanted to overcome this well in my way.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Chung Ha also revealed plans to return with new music sometime in “early 2024”, however remained tight-lipped about the specifics. Chung Ha’s upcoming release will mark her first since shifting labels and since her second studio album, ‘Bare & Rare Part 1’, was released in 2022.

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