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CIAN DUCROT Internet Sensation At The O2 Ritz Manchester, UK , Friday 10th March 2023






The doors opened early at tonight’s venue, The O2 Ritz Manchester, as Billy Seagrave and the fans began packing themselves in to gain a prized spot for the much-anticipated performance of up-and-coming internet sensation Cian Ducrot, it was tonight’s support act Sadie Jean, who emerged onto the stage to a warm appreciation. Sadie Jean Wilcox is an American singer-songwriter. Her debut single, “WYD Now?”, went viral on TikTok in 2021. Jean took piano lessons for six years, starting when she was in first grade, and also took vocal lessons. She also began writing songs in first grade. Jean was a part of her high school’s choir.

Jean was encouraged by her brother to make her music public after he heard her perform a cover of Radiohead’s song “Creep”, which prompted her to start posting her music to SoundCloud. In October 2021, Jean wrote the song “WYD Now?” with fellow New York University students Grace Enger and David Alexander Levya and posted a snippet of the song to TikTok the following day. In November 2021, she posted an “open verse challenge” for “WYD Now?” on TikTok, which went viral on the platform. “WYD Now?” was released as her debut single in December 2021. Jean puts on a polished performance, and I believe the power of social media, has enabled the audience a chance to delve into, albeit a small and short catalogue, it’s clear they are here to enjoy the ride.



There is a calm and comforting hum coming from the sellout crowd in anticipation of tonight’s performance. As the lights dim and Ducrot takes to the stage supported by guitarist and keyboard player and drummer on either side of him, we are straight into, “Make Believe”, instantly followed by “Victory”, you could be forgiven for thinking that Ducrot’s presence on stage looked like he was a seasoned pro of many years. I simply put it down to he was so at ease in this environment and revelled in the opportunity.

Cian Ducrot is an Irish singer-songwriter. He rose to prominence with his single “All for You”, which gained popularity in 2022 via TikTok and ultimately peaked at number 19 on the UK Singles Chart. His following single, “I’ll Be Waiting”, has so far peaked at number 16.

“Not usually like this”, is a real grower, as well as a crowd-pleaser for sure. With stints of guitar playing and sessions on the Piano, there is no denying Ducrot has a skill set that’s set to develop.

 Cian Ducrot first stepped into the music scene in 2020 with his mixtape started in college, however, his love for music began at a very early age. Ducrot grew up in Cork, Ireland, where his mother was a concert pianist and flautist. He was well-versed in classical music from Johann Sebastian Bach to Frederic Chopin and was accepted to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London where artists like Elton John had gone. It was a no-brainer for Ducrot to attend the prestigious school as music was something very important to him. Not only did he join musicals and drama clubs during his school years, but it went deeper than that for him. Music was what he turned to when things in his personal life were difficult.

As the crowd ably sang their way through, “Him”, the wonderful, “Crocodiles”, which is a masterpiece performance. This was followed by “Endless nights”.

With a full-ride scholarship, Ducrot headed off to London to study classical flute, but it was a holiday trip to Los Angeles that inspired him to pursue a career as a pop artist. He took a leave from school and travelled from Ireland to London to Los Angeles and back while also writing songs. During that time, Ducrot taught himself how to produce tracks as well. After releasing started in college, a body of work that narrates his journey into music, he was discovered and signed by Darkroom/Interscope Records summer.



As Ducrot slows the pace and offers two very powerful acoustic songs, the first being,” How do you know”? and the poignant, “Hello gorgeous”, you could have heard a pin drop, as the crowd hung on every word and every breath that was offered. As we near the end, Ducrot, gives a very personal explanation t, “Part of me”, this struck a chord with the crowd.

I suppose there is no concert without a visit to the barrier, to meet the fans, this was achieved on the penultimate song, “All for you”, cue the mass sing-along and the barrage of camera lights, that lit up the venue, somehow I think Ducrot will be seeing many more nights like this.

For those that have watched Ducrot grow over the last few years, it was a given that, “I’ll be waiting”, would finish off the set. Sat behind the piano, with a full house as backing vocalists, this is a special moment, tonight has been a triumph, and all bodes well for the future.

As this tour ends, Ducrot embarks on a European tour as support for Ed Sheeran, what a platform to be offered, one I fully expect him to revel in. we will be seeing a lot more of Cian Ducrot for sure.



Set List.

1/ Make Believe

2/ Victory

3/ Not Usually like this

4/ Aftertaste

5/ Him

6/ Crocodiles

7/ Endless nights

8/ How do they know

9/ Hello Gorgeous

10/ Part of me

11/ All for you

12/ I’ll be waiting












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