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Covet Entertained The Crowd at Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 22, 2023



It was packed at the historic Lee’s Palace in Toronto on a cool Saturday night. Math rock band Covet made a Canadian stop for their headlining tour to support their new album, Catharsis which was released earlier this month. Accompanied by opening acts Altopalo from New York and Scarypoolparty out of Salt Lake City Utah, the crowd was treated to a night of amazing music by talented artists.

Multi-genre band Altopalo was the first opener of the night. They got the audience listening with their genre-bending music with a mix of R&B, ambient, and electronica. Lead singer Rahm Silverglade, guitarist Mike Haldeman, and bass player Jesse Bielbenberg worked their magic with their synthesizer to create different sounds. At the same time, Dillon Treacy effortlessly played his drums in sync with his bandmates. Fans will love this band who are interested in listening to different genres of music. 



Rahm Silverglade – Lead singer, synthesizers

Mike Haldeman – Guitars

Jesse Bielbenberg – Bass

Dillon Treacy – Drummer



Singer-songwriter Alejandro Aranda (who performs under the name Scarypoolparty) played his first-ever show in Canada as the second opener of the night. I was looking forward to seeing him live after he first rose to fame when he finished runner-up on American Idol in 2019. He showed off his outstanding guitar skills with soothing vocals while performing only a light bulb in front of the stage. His set was mesmerizing from start to finish, as the audience gave him a warm embrace and applause for his performance. 



The band members of Covet briefly appeared onstage to set up their instruments before walking back for their time to perform. Yvette Young, Brandon Dove, and Jessica Burdeaux returned onstage to a loud cheer from the sold-out audience. Yvette thanked the crowd for coming and acknowledged Toronto as one of her favourite cities to perform before starting their set with “Coronal.” The song is one of the few songs Yvette sings in a song, and her vocals are smooth throughout. Brandon was rocking left and right playing his bass passionately, while Jessica felt her way into the song with her drums. Covet continued to perform songs from their new album, Catharsis, featuring Yvette’s fantastic guitar work and the remarkable playmaking of Brandon and Jessica.

Brandon chatted with the crowd praising them as the most hyped audience so far in the tour while also acknowledging Altopalo and Scarypoolparty for opening the show. A funny moment happened after Jessica told Yvette the next song was “Parachute”, where she tuned the wrong guitar. “Hooray for tuning!” Brandon exclaimed to the crowd to cheers and laughter. Yvette admitted she ate too much pasta at a nearby restaurant which caused her to forget the next song. 

The last half of the set featured Covet performing some of their classic songs, such as “Odessa” and “Shibuya.” Next, they performed “Lovespell,” the last song from Catharsis which featured a surprise saxophone solo performed by Robert Nordli. They all leave the stage before returning to perform an encore song, “Atreyu.” The crowd was so excited that somebody crowd-surfed on top of the audience, which surprised Yvette. In the end, it was a fantastic night of singers and musicians showcasing their talents. 



Yvette Young – Lead singer, guitars

Brandon Dove – Bass, violin 

Jessica Burdeaux – Drummer




1. Coronal

2. Firebird

3. Bronco

4. Vanquish 

5. Interlude

6. Smolder 

7. Merlin

8. Parochute

9. odessa

10. Shibuya

11. Lovespell


12. Atreyu 





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