jakub | September 30, 2023

CRSSD Popped Off!! – The Festival Voice

Once again and without a shadow of a doubt, CRSSD has POPPED OFF this fall. The notorious house and techno day festival in beautiful downtown San Diego was nothing but great vibes, amazing music and top-tier performances. I had a particularly wonderful time this go-around because I brought my best friend to her first CRSSD. One could say that I popped her CRSSD cherry. Before I get into how my 8th CRSSD was better than the 7th, I want to mention a small disclaimer. I didn’t make it to the second day because I got food poisoning from one of the vendors *dun dun duuuun*. Although I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, and I’m hoping that no one else got food poisoning from this particular vendor, I still made the absolute most of my first day.

Now onto the sets that I knew would blow my mind…LP GIOBBI

I wish she had a longer set, but man was I basking in her 45 minutes of pure glory and art. She had such an incredible atmosphere and her mixing was as suave as can be. She flawlessly mixed between her album “Light Places” and her many other singles she has created in her career, but I could NOT stop dancing. This woman is absolutely talented beyond comparison, and if you have a chance to see her perform again in Los Angeles 11/25, I say splurge. I brought my vinyl for her to sign, but alas, security made me put it away. LP GIOBBI, if you’re reading this, please sign my vinyl.

Jayda G – the DJ that made my best friend and I dance until our knees literally popped.

The title is exactly what it means. My best friend, Christina, and I had such a blast at Jayda’s set. We had no idea who she was, but her deep techno sound made us gravitate towards The Palms, and boy, were we not disappointed. At first, we found ourselves in a deep techno trance. Bobbin left to right, having ourselves a little wiggle, and nodding at one another in approval. As time went on, Jayda’s mixing progressively became harder. Not harder as in harder to listen to, but harder as in her bass. I remember the moment she dropped A Milli by Sidepiece and in that instant, everyone went BESERK. No joke! From that point on, her stage was a madhouse. All the chaotic, good energy gravitated towards her stage and everyone was dancing and bumping sweat off one another.

A very sad ending:

this is around the time when I began to feel really sick. If you’ve been sick at a festival, you know how absolutely awful the feeling is…especially when you’ve accepted your fate to leave. The silver lining of it all was that the sanitation team at CRSSD was superb. Porto potties, as gross as many people think, were kept pretty clean despite the huge crowds of people coming in and out. The one thing I would change for future CRSSD festivals is the medical team. As a medical provider for one of the largest production companies in the world, our medical team is fully stocked with everything from band-aids to Zofran to Tums. All the medical tents (including the nurse tent) had nothing to provide, not even a band-aid. It was a disappointing way to end my day as my tummy hurting could’ve simply been resolved with some Tums, but with the lack thereof, I had to see myself out of the festival.

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