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Dance Global Dance – The Festival Voice

Jumping into Global Dance this year has been quite the blast of emotions for me. At first, I was very excited to be covering the festival. Then I started to doubt if I was even slightly talented enough to be writing about it. I do not have the proper words to describe my experience, but alas I will try my hardest.


Let's do a little recap from the weekend shall we?



I had in mind to get there early to check out some silent disco sets. That DID NOT happen, I had mini meltdowns throughout the whole day leading up to 5:00. You know how it goes….. wardrobe malfunctions, missing items, trying to eat and stay hydrated. I just knew I had to power through all those obstacles to get my tush into GDF.


By the time I checked in, Haliene was starting her set. I met up with Adam (our photographer of this event) to get a quick rundown of what artists to check out. I said Haliene is one of them, let's check them out.  I absolutely loved Haliene’s performance on the stage as she exuded so much confidence and passion.

Haliene, Global Dance


Next on the list was Nurko. I was starting to get the fluttering feeling just by going to the Northern Lights stage. Once I got there it felt like I was stepping into a euphoric and emotional rollercoaster. One that I hadn’t been on in quite some time.


Then there was Deorro, a MUST SEE, the beginning of his set was a total energy punch to my brain. Getting into the energy, we suddenly heard the announcement of a storm approaching. I was so sad, and said to Deorro in my head, “it’s ok there will be a next time”.


Although Deorro was not able to finish his set, there was still a rainbow after the stormy clouds had passed. The sunset approaching was pretty to look at too!

Rainbow at Globbal Dance


By the time everyone was released, Alan Walker was up next. He started off with his epic bangers, but with a twist. First time seeing Alan Walker and I love how he engages the crowd with his transitions. I definitely enjoyed the impactful energy of his set, taking me into feelings corresponding to the songs.


My spidey senses were tingling, something told me to check out another back to back, with Moon Boots and Option4. Let me tell you it was a vibe of a different deep house and funky flavor. I was mesmerized by this b2b, dancing uncontrollably, not wanting this set to end. Ever felt something similar?

Moon Boots, Global Dance


Then came the time to go back to the Summit Stage for Kx5. I was enthralled in the epic beginning of their set. I couldn’t look away, until it got a little too crowded and decided to go further back to really enjoy it. After a while I was not exactly getting into the groove of things. Needless to say, my ears wanted a change in tune after moving around. I was still curious about Walker & Royce, since I have heard great things about this duo. I had about 15 minutes to check them out so I did and I was not disappointed to say the least. I danced as much as I could until it was time to beat the traffic and go home.


I tried to catch as many as I could this day, it's a marathon not a race, I know.  It's part of the fun though.




Arriving there as early as I could, I met up with friends and asked where they were headed. I tagged along to see RC3 b2b Wessyde, for the last portion of their set. Capozzi started my dancing engine and kept me moving! Can I mention Surf Mesa… OMG he took me back in time with some old school throwbacks, which were nicely mixed. I would recommend checking him out as well!


I was given specific instructions by the founder of The Festival Voice, Sam, DO NOT MISS EDX. So I did as I was told and was pleasantly surprised with the music, visuals, and energy. Afterwards, I went to see Sickick, because I have been following his socials since pre-covid. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I am still glad to have checked him out.



Green Velvet was part of my top 3 artists for this day. Everytime I see him it has always been different, which I truly appreciate. I met up with friends again to vibe out to his set together. This is truly the best part of attending festivals vibing out with friends!

Green Velvet, Global Dance


As soon as Green Velvet was wrapping it up, I took a mini adventure from the pit of the crowd. You know, just look around and admire my surroundings. Then I met up with Adam, he had mentioned some of his friends, Ebb & Flow, were performing at the silent disco at 9. So why not show support for local artists since it's part of the reasons I wanted to attend.

Ebb & Flow, Silent Disco, Global Dance


The last hour of GDF I started with CID, which had a strong intro into his set. You know it's a good set when you don’t want to leave, but I had to check out Zedd before it was time to leave. I had so much fun dancing with beautiful strangers throughout this festival.

Zedd, Global Dance


Overall, it was quite a great experience with all sorts of genres to choose from. Which one was your favorite set? For Friday I would say Moon Boots b2b Option4, Deorro, and Haliene. Saturdays faves are EDX, Green Velvet, and Surf Mesa. Big thanks to Global Dance and The Festival Voice for the opportunity to cover this festival.

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