jakub | November 28, 2023

Decadence Is Coming Up FAST!

Decadence is coming up so fast! I want to address the lineup first, I am in complete shock, like it’s so good it’s just disgusting. Global Dance will host a good variety throughout both nights, making me wonder which sets will conflict with others. Skrillex being announced to drop the ball?! I am already excited about this NYE Party!

Who would I like to see most? I am so glad you asked… Dab the Sky, Deathpact, Fisher,
Malaa, Mersiv, Of The Trees, Sidepiece, and Skrillex. Yes, I know I am all over the place
with my taste in music.

I would also like to continue by sharing some of my concerns from previous Decadence
experiences. I have been a Decadence attendee since 2021. So far the artists on the
lineups have been amazing, what I am referring to is all the other stuff.

Concerning …
Water stations- If there was more than one water station I couldn’t find it. Even if you
Refilling your water would take almost a whole set just to do so.

Map/ Layout- I would like to see a map layout instead of just walking around aimlessly
trying to “figure it out”.

Signage- I remember an outside area for smokers in 21 that I could not find in 22. Once
inside the convention center, it is really dark, and trying to navigate solo or with a
group is a little challenging.

Noisebleeding- in previous years there was a wall separating the two main stages. Last
year the noisebleeding was pretty bad towards the back of each stage.

Decorations- not to bring anyone’s festive vibes down but the decor has been the same
for the past 3 years (or more). Can we spruce it up a bit?

What I appreciate are the staff, medical team, and security that made the environment
friendly and SAFE. There is always staff walking around to make sure everyone is ok. I
hope some of these concerns are a matter of focus for Global Dance Productions
and hopefully get addressed. Remember it is your festival, it is your voice!

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