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Drain brought the party at The Opera House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 5, 2023


It was a night of endless hardcore music as Drain headlined The Opera House in Toronto. The band are headlining their tour to support their new album, Living Proof, released under their new label at Epitaph Records. The jam-packed crowd was ready to rampage through everyone with a plethora of the best of hardcore music.

New York hardcore band Combust was the first band of the night. After first seeing the band late last year, I knew there were going to bring an energetic performance. Lead vocalist Andrew Vacante was moving throughout the set and got some of the crowd to move in the middle. 



Gel was the second band of the night, and they were terrific as always. The band has gotten more popular since the release of their album, Only Constant, so it was no surprise the crowd was more amped up in the pit. Sami Kaiser’s screams were powerful while her bandmates ripped through the set effortlessly. 



Sami Kaiser – Lead vocalist

Anthony Webster – Guitar

Maddi Nave – Guitar

Bobko – Bass

Zach Miller – Drummer




1. Bitchmade

2. Dicey

3. Attainable

4. Mental Static

5. Fortified


7. Assumption

8. Predominant Mask

9. Honed Blade

10. Composure


Magnitude brought down the house with their first performance in Toronto as the third opener. Lead vocalist Russ commanded the set with his energy, which included himself getting up to the crowd. Numerous circle pits were ordered from Russ, as the band pulled off an impressive showing in their Toronto debut.



Russ – Lead vocalist

Matt – Guitar

Paul – Guitar

Connor – Drummer

Meatle – Bass




1. Defy

2. Opposition

3. Vital Emergence

4. Counterattack

5. Essence

6. Ceaseless

7. Rectify 

8. To Whatever Fateful End


Drug Church was the final opener of the show. Knowing that I saw them opening for The Bronx last year, I knew they know how to entertain a crowd. Lead singer Patrick Kindlon was not impressed by the crowd’s energy at the start of their set. After getting them fired up after “Avoidarama,” an endless amount of crowd surfing started flowing through the crowd for the entire set. 



Patrick Kindlon – Lead vocalist

Nick Cogan – Guitarist

Cory Galusha – Guitarist

Patrick Nguyen – Bass

Chris Villeneuve – Drummer




1. Fun’s Over

2. World Impact

3. Avoidarama

4. Grubby

5. Myopic

6. Bliss Out

7. But Does It Work?

8. Unlicensed Guidance Counselsor 

9. Unlicensed Hall Monitor

10. Weed Pin

11. Million Miles of Fun


The lights got brighter to signal the arrival of Drain. Sammy Ciaramitaro hyped up the audience to a frenzy before the start of “Feel the Pressure.” A few seconds into the song, Sammy goes offstage and joins the audience at the barricade. He gave an opportunity for the audience to scream the lyrics, as he gave the fans a moment to savour. Sammy gave a shoutout to his family, who came from Hamilton, and to Steel City Hardcore, a community promoting hardcore shows in Hamilton.

The energy and chaos were at an all-time high from start to finish. The band members continued to smash their guitars and drums while Sammy screamed with all his might. Endless mosh pits and dancing were at their craziest. From the many times I have been to The Opera House, this is the first time I have seen the venue this packed and chaotic. But the energy and craziness Drain performed made the show one of the best I had ever seen in this venue. I and many others in the crowd hope Drain comes back soon to tear up another show!



Sammy Ciaramitaro – Lead vocalist

Cody Chavez – Guitar

Tim Flegal – Drummer




1. Feel the Pressure

2. Watch You Burn

3. Evil Finds Light

4. Good Good Things (Descendents cover)

5. Weight of the World

6. Army of One

7. Sick One

8. Intermission

9. Devil’s Itch

10. Living Proof

11. California Cursed




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