jakub | January 31, 2024

EDCLV Lineup Not Yet Dropped – Here’s Some Predictions

While I could predict a few names appearing on the Beyond SoCal 2024 lineup, EDC is uncharted territory for me in multiple ways. 2023 was the first year I attended the Las Vegas EDC despite having multiple offers from rave fams in 2021 to attend 2022 Las Vegas and Orlando. My time at the 2023 EDCLV was enjoyable since this was the most significant and prolonged festival I have attended. I wandered around for hours to find where I was on the festival grounds. It wasnt until the third and final day that I began to know the map inside out, which was heartbreaking. I still need to figure out how Insomniac picks the artists they will have for the headliners (the ravers) to enjoy throughout the three-day spectacular EDM demonstration. If you know anything about EDC, you know that the lineup drops when people least expect it. You can get hints at who might be appearing on the lineup by seeing what artists will be performing at clubs or hotels in Las Vegas the same week that EDCLV will be in town, but that’s about the farthest you can get hint-wise at the lineup. 

So far, here’s who you might see on the EDCLV lineup (with research found by EDM Maniac):

Marc van der Aa for Insomniac Events

EDC Las Vegas has plenty to offer the ravers since the grounds are humongous, allowing seating in the bleachers at the main stage, grass patches, ADA seating, and the infamous GA pits with the VIP section. Imagine all of this with six to seven stages, with some even hidden, leaving the individual raver to make their EDC experience as intricate as they please with their friends. There are numerous food vendors for different interests, leaving the EDC slogan to be “All are Welcome Here.” 

Try out EDC if you are welcome to the challenge of staying up for this 12-hour daily festival starting on May 17th and ending on the 19th. Hotels welcome so many ravers, and you never know what this experience will bring to your raving journey. While the EDC camping is sold out and does sell out the day it goes on sale, there are still limited tickets available to purchase for you and those you wish to bring along. If you already have your EDC camping tickets but need a checklist of what to bring, we have written one using our own camping experiences that can help you and the crew out. Be sure to check out the Insomniac YouTube channel to see their highlights from previous years (linked is the 2023 LV recap video) of EDC Las Vegas and Orlando since it’s still possible to attend both for this 2024 rave season.

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