jakub | December 1, 2023

Electric Forest 2024 Tickets & Loyalty

Alright folks! Electric Forest 2024 tickets & loyalty info has been released! I’m going to give you the entire lowdown below.

What is loyalty?

What’s super unique about Electric Forest is the loyalty aspect. Every year you go consecutively and register your wristband with your e-mail, you get earlier and cheaper access to tickets. After your first year – 3rd year you get a discount for GA tickets. Starting your 4th year you get a discount to Good Life which is basically VIP and easier access into the venue from where you’re camping with a pin. When you enter the festival there’s a 4itf (in the forest), 5itf, 6itf, and so on until 10itf line to ensure faster, easier access – you just flash your pin and you’re in!

With Electric Forest’s increasing popularity it’s getting more and more difficult to get a ticket with general sale so it’s very important to go consecutively and become a part of their loyalty program. If you have loyalty but registered with different e-mails you just have to message EF HQ to confirm your loyalty status. Emails were sent out around Thanksgiving. More info on the loyalty program here.

But don’t you worry, general sale still has loads of tickets and I’m going to tell you all of the details on how to secure them and when they go on sale.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets for the general public go on sale December 8th and loyalty begins December 4th. Tiers have not been released yet but sign up for email updates to be in the know. Best way to get a ticket? Make an AXS account ahead of time if you haven’t already and be in line EARLY. I’m talking like 20 minutes early and have your credit card information in hand. There are payment plans too if you don’t want to fork out several hundred at once (trust me, I get it).

The line-up has not been released yet but you can check here for last year’s lineup. The lineup is usually released a few weeks after tickets go on sale. I promise you, they will have nothing but top headliners.

Overall, we are getting so close to Electric Forest 2024 and I am so excited. Hope to see you there!

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