jakub | June 17, 2023


Forest fam! Only 4 days until early arrival for Electric Forest and 6 days until the festival begins! Electric Forest Commences! I don’t know about you, but this is all I can think about. Did I pack everything? What do I need to get still? Have all of my outfits come in? What’s the schedule looking like? I’m even feeling some “Senioritis” with work and am almost totally checked out. Either way, Forest will be here before we know it and I wanted to make a list of some last minute ‘don’t forget’s’ and get us even more hype to go back home.

Last Minute Items:

  • Inflatable couch (yes an absolute luxury item but will completely up your camping game!)
  • Nasal Spray (I don’t know about you but last year the dust was absolutely terrible for me, I want to be able to breathe!)
  • Extra batteries (for your fans, your lights, etc)
  • Freeze your water bottles NOW!
  • Baby Wipes (always more than you’d think you’d need)
  • Foam Roller (amazing at night or in the mornings after walking 10+ miles a day)
  • Hand Sanitizer (keep those mittens clean!)
  • Don’t forget to download the app & register your wristband!

Electric Forest Commences!

Ladies & Gents, we are almost home, and I cannot be more excited. The time has come where Electric Forest Commences. I’m so excited to jam out all weekend long with you beautiful souls. Another thing – The EF Gods surprised us with a PHASE 3 LINEUP! You can check out the previous lineup here, but I wanted to talk about some of the excellent last minute additions. First and foremost, we have Therapy Gecko. Never heard of him? Well, now’s the time! Lyle dresses up as a gecko and gives therapy out to anyone who asks. It’s a pretty amazing sight and I’m stoked to catch not one but BOTH of his shows this upcoming weekend. We also have the incredible Chmura who I was absolutely stoked to see. Some other additions are Brandi Cyrus, Datura, Dave Yaden, Danny Asadi, EMBRZ, Fury + MC Dino, LVDY, Massane, Miss Dre, Nils Hoffmann, Robbie Fitzsimmons, Samuel J, & San Pacho.

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