jakub | April 20, 2023

Entertainment world reacts as Twitter removes blue ticks

Figures from the entertainment world have been sharing their thoughts on Twitter‘s decision to remove its verified blue ticks.

From today (April 20), the checkmark that authenticates legacy accounts on the platform will be removed from all profiles unless users opt-in to pay for Twitter Blue subscriptions.

This change is “more about treating people equally”, according to Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter in late 2022 for a staggering $44billion. He added that the move would “offer subscribers a way to enhance and customize their Twitter experience”.

As the blue tick began to vanish from the site, various musicians, comedians, TV personalities, and other stars from across the entertainment industry tweeted their reactions.

Yungblud wrote: “I ain’t verified anymore … kinda hard.” The Doncaster artist then shared a selfie in response to a fan who asked him to “prove” it was the real Dominic Harrison. See those posts below.

Elsewhere, Sleaford Mods highlighted the fact that artists and notable figures are being stripped of their legacy verification while any regular user can pay for a blue tick via Twitter Blue.

“Billionaire took the blue tick like a big baby,” the duo said. “But Gav from the pub has one now so it kinda killed it ages back anyway Innit.”

Ricky Gervais, meanwhile, shared one of his famous bathtub selfies along with the caption: “My blue tick has gone. I’m not sure if I’m really me or not.”

A fan asked former Oasis guitarist Bonehead whether he would be signing up for Twitter Blue. “Never,” he replied. “I’m still me without a blue tick.”

Another musician to weigh in on the change was Tim Burgess, who reflected on the “rapid unscheduled disassembly” of his verified checkmark.

Additionally, the Charlatans frontman criticised Twitter for still using the word ‘verified’ on people’s profile – “as the account that has paid had ‘verified their phone number’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣”.

Filmmaker Duncan Jones – who is the son of David Bowie – talked about how easy it would now be for Twitter users to impersonate celebrities on the website after the change to the blue tick system.

“If a guy comes online tomorrow using my name, wearing a doggo avatar but with no blue tick… and they’re posting nonsensical ramblings about US & UK politics between dad jokes… well it’s probably still me, really,” he joked.

Later, Jones wrote: “I feel a little weird today… Like I don’t quite know who I am… I can’t quite put my tick on it.”

The Moon director also labelled Musk “a manipulative, papyrus-skinned bully” and a “massive bellend”.

Charli XCX said that her newfound unverified status was “giving cunt”. The ‘Crash’ singer tweeted: “Officially no longer an officially verified artist. I love being unofficial and unverified. It’s very moi.”

In an apparent swipe at Musk, Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos simply wrote: “Space Fanny.” Finneas said: “FINALLY got rid of the blue check.”

Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill has also spoken out, as have the likes of Stephen King, Edgar Wright, Scott Mills, Sean Keaveny, Aisling Bea, Rylan, and And and Dec. See those reactions and many more below.

Doja Cat recently spoke out about losing her blue tick on Twitter, arguing that paying for the symbol creates a “higher chance that you’re a complete loser”.

Many people have voiced their issues with Musk’s Twitter Blue scheme, including William Shatner.

“I’ve been [on Twitter] for 15 years giving my [time] and witty thoughts all for bupkis,” the actor said. “Now you’re telling me that I have to pay for something you gave me for free? What is this? The Colombia Records & Tape Club?”

In response, Musk wrote: “It’s more about treating everyone equally. There shouldn’t be a different standard for celebrities IMO.”

Meanwhile, Jack Black said he wasn’t sure whether he was going to pay for Twitter Blue: “I’m a little embarrassed by the blue check to be honest with you. Maybe it’s cooler not to have checks. It’s definitely not cool to pay for it.”

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