jakub | January 2, 2024

Feel The Warmth Of The Sun’s Rays

“Warmth of The Sun’s Rays (Bass Love remix)” by Temple Step (aka Benjamin Last) and popular European hand pan group, Hang Massive was released on March 29th, 2022 by Motiv Records. Temple Step has a discography that is full of tribal-ethno-electronic beats that span his 25-year career in music production. He brings global culture to the people by playing sets in sound healing workshops and ecstatic dances.

This is a track where acoustic hand-pan melodies and ambient bass rhythms collide to form a tantric downtempo vibe. Temple Step’s experience in sound healing gives him an artistic edge, allowing him to see sound as a sacred, vibrational, and alchemical tool. The track has a unique sound favored by a niche category of global listeners. Despite that, Temple Step’s track hit numbers that almost doubled the plays of other songs in his discography. It quickly became one of the top 5 most streamed tracks of the artist. As of December 2023, the track sits at 1,031,561 plays and counting. From its commercial success, the track found its way into the health and mindfulness space. This track is excellent for relaxed activities and was often played during the retreats guided by famous neuroscientist, author, and lecturer Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dispenza is known for his work on the intersection of neuroscience, quantum physics, and the mind-body connection. “Warmth of The Sun’s Rays (Bass Love remix)” can aid in breathwork and meditation. Once you give it a listen you’ll see how it’s an instant favorite for mindful listening.

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