jakub | February 15, 2024

‘Football Manager’ glitch lets fans buy expensive players at bargain prices

Football Manager players have discovered a way to buy players for less than 1% of their overall value.

Per a Reddit discovery from PCGamer, it appears that the AI in the game is conditioned to always accept a certain arrangement of terms for a transfer deal.

In order to get this glitch working, you need to offer 2.5million euros for the player, while also offering 10% of the money from the next transfer (which essentially means you’ll be paying 10% of whatever you end up selling the player for to their last club). You also need to promise to pay monthly instalments to the club, but with the amount of money you’ll likely having coming in off whatever player you choose you’ll quite likely be fine.

Football Manager 2023. Credit: Sega.
Football Manager 2023. Credit: Sega.

It’s important to note, however, that you do have to still sort out contract details with your players and make sure they actually want to play for you. The players you buy still have the agency to decline if they don’t like the look of your club, so make sure there’s nothing a player might want to decline your offer.

In terms of why this is actually in the game, comments on the Reddit page have theorised that perhaps it’s so developers can test various elements of the game.

“A guess would be that it’s there for the Devs to be able to negotiate contracts with players they can’t afford or something like that. If it was for them to join the team instead they would just bring them with the editor,” one user wrote.

In other gaming news, Baldur’s Gate 3 made Dungeons & Dragons creator Wizards of the Coast £71million in royalties, per a recent earnings call from parent company Hasbro.

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