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FOZZY Save The World Tour 2023 with The Nocturnal Affair & Seventh Day Slumber at The Machine Shop, Flint, MI – April 1, 2023




Rock fans in Michigan were ready to rock as FOZZY brought his Save The World Tour 2023 to The Machine Shop concert lounge in Flint, Michigan! This sold-out show also featured performances from Seventh Day Slumber and The Nocturnal Affair and was an amazing time for all in attendance. 

The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan has become world-famous over the years as a premier destination for rock, metal, and outlaw country. Founded in 2002, this historic venue has hosted some of the biggest names in music, including HellYeah, Static X, Nonpoint, LA Guns, Jackyl, and many more. With its unique atmosphere and industrial vibes, The Machine Shop is one of the most sought-after venues for hard rock fans around the world. 

Las Vegas rockers The Nocturnal Affair kicked off the night with a moody, darker kind of vibe.  The Nocturnal Affair conjures a dark, haunting sound that pays homage to groups like HIM, Type O Negative, and David Bowie. With a mesmerizing blend of gothic atmospheres and alternative rock vibes, every song brought an intense energy to the room as they jam through their set.  They had everyone singing along to their cover of the classic hit  “What Is Love” by Haddaway.  Their debut album, (META)MORPHOSIS, was produced by none other than Disturbed bassist John Moyer


The Nocturnal Affair:  

Brendan Shane / Vocals  

Drucifer Lappin / Guitar  

Brian Scott / Drums  

Andy Ingraham / Guitar  

Michael James / Bass  



Set List: 

1) Exoskeletal

2) Thousand Ways To Die

3)  Beyond The Wall Of Sleep

4) Unwound

5) Seven Serpents

6) Ghosts On The Horizon

7) What Is Love? (Haddaway cover)

8) Down

9) Just Run

10) It’s No Good


Next to the Machine Shop stage was Seventh Day Slumber.  Founded by frontman Joseph Rojas, Seventh Day Slumber has been in the rock scene for more than 20 years. This Nashville-based band has been inspiring listeners with their heartfelt lyrics. The band was formed as a result of Joseph overcoming darkness and despair due to drug addiction. With a newfound sense of purpose and determination, Joseph set out to create something bigger than himself – a band rooted in faith and resilience.  He talked about this darkness as he intros a song that he wrote in honor of his mother in law, “Caroline”.


Seventh Day Slumber:  

Joseph Rojas / Vocals

Blaise Rojas / Drums

Ken Reed / Bass

Weston Evans / Guitar



Set List: 

 1) Death By Admiration

2) Fatal Love

3) Alive Again

4) We Are The Broken

5) Man Down

6) Caroline

7) Awake

8) Halos

9) Surviving The Wasteland

10) What I’ve Become


The crowd was in a frenzy as they chanted FOZZY! FOZZY! FOZZY! Everyone in attendance could feel the electricity in the air–this band knows how to get a crowd going.  When FOZZY hit the stage, they were on fire and brought an undeniable rock n’ roll energy with them.  With their unbridled enthusiasm and tight musicianship, FOZZY had everyone moving at full speed from their first song to the last note. It was clear that this was not just a performance—it was an all-out rockin’ party, full of energy and excitement for all who attended.   From the moment FOZZY took the stage to the final encore, it was a night of incredible music!

Rich Ward and Billy Grey brought a no-holds-barred energy to the performance, along with their incredible guitar licks. With a stripe of white paint on his face, Rich Ward was ready for battle as he shredded through some of Fozzy’s most electrifying riffs. Grant Brooks had a smile on his face throughout the entire show.  His enthusiasm and passion bled through and he was having the time of his life on that stage. PJ Farley kept things tight as an essential backbone to the show, holding down the low end grooves and providing awesome vocal support throughout. It was clear that FOZZY wasn’t playing just to entertain-they were giving it their all and  having fun while doing it.  And, of course, Chris Jericho’s talent as a frontman, vocalist, and all-around entertainer ties it all together with his energy and dynamism. Sporting a colorful peacock jacket, his charisma and presence truly bring life to the stage when FOZZY performs. Jericho commanded the crowd, who sang along to hit after hit throughout the night. Everyone could feel their love of music and energy coming through in every song they played.  



Chris Jericho / Vocals

PJ Farley / Bass

Rich Ward / Guitar  

Billy Grey / Guitar

Grant Brooks / Drums



Set List: 

 1) Sane 

2) Drinkin’ With Jesus

3) Nowhere To Run

4) Do You Wanna Start A War

5) Lights Go Out

6) Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover)

7) I Still Burn

8) Burn Me Out

9) Spider In My Mouth

10) God Pounds His Nails

11) Purifier

12) The Vulture Club

13) Enemy


14)  Judas

15) Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)






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