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George Lynch, All or Nothing, and XYZ Rockout the OCC Roadhouse in Clearwater, Florida on Sunday October 15, 2023



The Biketoberfest celebration at Orange County Choppers Roadhouse & Museum in Clearwater, Florida hosted the bands, All Or Nothing, Terry Ilous‘ XYZ, and headliner, George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob in the outdoor venue next to Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson. The entertainment started at 5:00pm with the band All Or Nothing, also known as AON. AON was founded by  lead singer Brett Carlisle. Over the past year, Carlisle has also been fronting the 1980’s band Great White. Carlisle definitely has the range and charisma of Great White’s original frontman Jack Russel

Although, this particular evening had the present, and a past, Great White vocalist, Terry Ilous, the show had nothing to do with Great White. AOL is a heavy rocking band and set the tone for the evening right out of the gate. Their set lasted just over an hour covering 13 songs. This youthful foursome was all over the stage with energy to spare, and it’s a good thing as they were the backing band of the next two acts on the bill.



Brett Carlisle – Vocals

Ian Smith (The King) – Bass

Skylar McCain – Drums

Jacob Mann – Guitar





1. Big Deal

2. Remember Who You Are

3. Keep Up

4. One Big Party

5. Live Wire

6. Becoming One Like Rain

7. Mauled Jackalopes

8. Falling Down

9. Escape

10. Whole Lotta Rosie

11. Whiter Than Snow

12. Freakshow

13. Benjamin Franklin


Next to grace the stage was the vocal range of frontman Terry Ilous and his band XYZ. Definitely older in statute to Brett Carlisle who fronted the opener AON, but with the range to hit all the high notes you would expect from a singer in Great White. Ilous’ set was a bit shorter, covering only nine songs. The XYZ set started out a bit slow, but they warmed up and finished on fire!



Terry Ilous – Vocals

Ian Smith (The King) – Bass

Skylar McCain – Drums

Jacob Mann – Guitar





1. Maggy

2. Come On and Love Me

3. Take What You Can

4. What Keeps Me Loving You

5. Nice Day To Die

6. After The Rain

7. Don’t Say No

8. Face Down In The Gutter

9. Inside Out


The audience had been building in size as the venue filled up. It was 7:00pm and George Lynch came on stage as the crowd screamed their approval. This is who they paid to see. His set started with Brett Carlisle on vocals, making it AON with George Lynch. But, right away there was a huge difference as George ripped through “Kiss Of Death”, “Lightnin Strikes Again”, and “Tooth and Nail” by Dokken.

Carlisle left the stage and George and the band played “Mr Scary,” a Dokken instrumental that gave George the moniker of the same name. Terry Ilous came back on stage and sang five more Dokken songs before being joined by Brett Carlisle to sing duet on the latest copulation, “Dead Or Alive”, which is up to over 450,000 YouTube plays.

The two Great White singers stayed out to take George Lynch and the audience to the end of the show, with the final song, “Wicked Sensation” by Lynch Mob.

George Lynch is one of the greatest metal guitar shedders of all time and is in the “Top 10 Metal Guitarists of All Time” by Gibson Guitars. Seeing him laugh and cut up on stage with this group of musicians made a very special performance to experience for all the folks in attendance. 



George Lynch – Guitar/Vocals

Terry Ilous – Vocals

Brett Carlisle – Vocals

Ian Smith (The King) – Bass

Skylar McCain – Drums

Jacob Mann – Guitar





( Brett AON)

1.Kiss Of Death

2. Lightnin Strikes Again

3. Tooth and Nail

(Brett Leaves The Stage)

4. Mr. Scary

(Terry Comes On At The End of Mr. Scary)

5. Breaking The Chains

6. It’s Not Love

7. The Hunter

8. Just Got Lucky

9. Into The Fire

(Brett comes Back and Joins Terry)

(New Song 450k YouTube Hits)

10. Dead Or Alive

11. Alone Again

12. Wicked Sensation






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