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Globle answer today – here’s the answer and hints for January 20

Looking for a variant of the popular Wordle game? Here’s one for you that can be rather challenging: Globle. Like Wordle, players are tasked with guessing the game’s selected country for the day.

However, unlike Wordle, players have unlimited guesses for Globle so you won’t have to worry about losing unless you’re ready to concede defeat. Even for geography aficionados, guessing the Globle answer each day can be a real challenge. To help you out, we’ve included some hints in this page to help steer towards the right answer. If you’d rather just know the answer to keep your streak going, we have that too.

What’re you waiting for? Let’s get guessing!

How to play Globle

To play Globle, you’re first going to have to access the game’s website. To start playing, simply enter in the name of any country of your choice. You’ll then get a colour match for that country indicating how close to or far away you are from the answer.

The deeper the colour, the closer you are. After a couple of guesses you will slowly be able to narrow down the answer. A good tip is to pick larger countries that share borders with other countries. You can clear large sections of the map this way. Early on, you might also want to try varying your guesses between countries in different continents to narrow down your options.

Globle puzzle
Globle. Credit: The Abe Train

Globle hint for today (January 20)

To help get you closer to today’s Globle answer, we’ve included some hints below. We’ll start off fairly vague, before giving bigger clues.

  • The country is in Europe
  • The country begins with the letter ‘L’

Here’s the final hint for today’s answer. This one should really narrow things down for you.

  • The capital of today’s country is ‘Vilnius’

Globle answer for today (January 20)

This is your final chance to walk away before getting today’s Globle answer spoiled for you. If you’re sure you can’t guess today’s country, keep reading for today’s answer.

Today’s Globle answer is Lithuania. This is the answer for January 20, with a new puzzle coming tomorrow. Stay tuned for more fun with geography!

Globle answer archive

We’ll be keeping some past Globle answers in the archive list below. Check them out to narrow down your guesses.

  • Vanuatu
  • North Korea
  • Solomon Islands
  • Benin
  • Liechtenstein
  • Cuba
  • Grenada

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