jakub | April 12, 2023

GloRilla and Boosie Badazz name their pets after each other

GloRilla and Boosie Badazz have revealed that they have named their pets after each other.

The two sparked a funny back-and-forth over social media last week when Badazz took to social media to post a video of himself calling out for his dogs.

“I done named my dog GloRilla,” shared the rapper. He continued, “Glo, big Glo, ole GloRilla man”

GloRilla quickly returned the favour by posting a video of her reptile terrarium. In the video, you hear her calling out “Boosie! Hey there, Boosie Woosie,” to her pet lizard. She continued:”Look at that Badazz. Look at my new thing. … Say hey to my new addition. Hey Boosie!”

Fans are now speculating whether or not the interaction was a cause of some kind of unknown tension between the two or if it was all just harmless jokes.

In other news, GloRilla has teased a new single on Instagram with fellow rap star Lil Durk – set to be released soon.

The artist previewed the new collaboration on her Instagram page with the caption: “Say @lildurk dats how you feel… NEW MUSIC TOMORROW 9am/12pm est!”.

Meanwhile, last month, a third person from the recent crowd stampede at a GloRilla gig in Rochester, New York died . Aisha Stephens was the final remaining hospitalised victim from the stampede and the third casualty.

GloRilla released her highly-anticipated debut EP, ‘Anyway, Life’s Great…’, last November to great acclaim, peaking at Number Four on the US Rap Billboard chart.

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