jakub | December 5, 2023

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ reveals release window in new trailer

The first trailer for the highly anticipated for Grand Theft Auto 6 has finally arrived – watch it below.

Tonight (December 4), Rockstar Games released the official first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 after it was leaked online a few hours prior. The newly released official trailer does not include a firm release date for the game, but instead suggests a release window of 2025.

For Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar is taking players back to Vice City, and will this time introduce the series’ first female protagonist, Lucia, with Bonnie and Clyde-type story elements.

The first trailer focuses on Lucia, who shown in a prison jumpsuit at the beginning of the trailer. The trailer moves away from Lucia for most of its runtime to show us more about the in-game world in Grand Theft Auto 6, but returns to focus on Lucia at the end of the clip to show Lucia and her boyfriend robbing a store.

Elsewhere in the trailer, we get a look at quick shots of crime, car heists, crocodile wrangling – Vice City is a fictionalised version of Miami – and social media live-streams, hinting that social media will be a big part of the upcoming game. The trailer is also soundtracked by Tom Petty‘s ‘Love Is A Long Road’.

Fans have eagerly been anticipating Grand Theft Auto 6 ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2013. While gamers thought they wouldn’t be hearing more about the game for a long time, early footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 was leaked last year, with more than an hour of developmental footage of the game published online in September 2022. The hacker reportedly carried out the attack from a Travelodge hotel before later being found unfit to stand trial.

GTA: The Trilogy will also be joining Netflix Games in the middle of December, offering easy access to the classic titles to anybody who has a Netflix subscription and the ability to play games on a mobile device.

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