jakub | October 20, 2023

It’s A Texas Eclipse Party

If you’ve been on social media, you’ve probably already heard of Texas Eclipse 2024  because it is all anyone is talking about! The festival has just unveiled the first phase of musical talent and highlights from some of the interactive experiences for the immersive music, art, and technology festival! From April 5-9, up to 50K+ attendees composed of festival lovers and eclipse enthusiasts from all over the world will flock to central Texas for five days of creative expression, consciousness exploration, and cosmic curiosity for an experience millions of years in the making.

The talent announcement boasts a roster of tons of artists from various genres. There will be six stages to groove at, each one with a vivid world of its own. Some of the best of the best will be present such as jam band STS9 – known for their desire to forge universal connections, transforming each performance as a transcendent celebration of humanity. Next up, trance-fusion band Disco Biscuits, who consistently employ emerging tech into their music, will grace the festival with a fun and futuristic sound, not entirely of this earth. There’s plenty of funk to go around, from R&B soul maestros Vulfpeck, to famed funk-tronic acts such as Big Gigantic, who have rallied behind their “Better Future” ethos in pioneering a fusion of jazz, funk, and dubstep, led by a mélange of impressive instrumentation, and, of course, triumphant saxophone.

But we’ve only just scratched the surface with this lineup! Spearheading the world music and bass movement is Clozee – who will conjure her spiritual and evolutionary sound at Texas Eclipse. Grammy-nominated artist Tycho promises to transcend the typical festival experience by seamlessly blending his captivating ambient electronic sound with his own stunning visual creations. Meanwhile, the auditory genius Tipper will bring a mesmerizing glitchy, trip-hop vibe, while Billboard-charting artist Subtronics is poised to deliver a mind-bending, all-encompassing psychedelic DJ set. Of course, it’s not a true party without the globetrotting house and techno party brigade Desert Hearts, along with femme house icon LP Giobbi – who each have ignited the likes of Burning Man with their irresistibly fun performances. For those craving a mix of vibrant bass and cutting-edge sounds, look no further mainstays such as Zeds DeadBoogie T & Barclay Crenshaw (alias of Claude VonStroke/founder of Dirtybird).

Additionally, Texas Eclipse Festival promises to bring you to a new dimension as they bring a host of immersive experiences that awaken consciousness and explore the frontiers of science, wellness, sustainability, and Indigenous wisdom. So far, on site experiences include:

  • Family & Kids Education Area: Young explorers and their families will embark on a journey like no other as they engage with astrophysicists, AI scientists, astronomers, and more. This unique opportunity will be presented through enlightening chats, enhanced storytelling, and interactive stations.
  • Science Workshops: Texas Eclipse invites attendees to explore paradigm-shifting ideas under the vast Texas skies, guided by compelling thought-leaders from around the globe. Topics will span the future of psychedelic medicine, artificial intelligence ethics, biohacking, circular design, unlocking human happiness, and much more.
  • Sustainability Sessions: Embracing a positive future is at the core of Texas Eclipse’s sustainability sessions. Led by some of the best and brightest luminaries, these sessions will delve into regenerative agriculture, circular economies, renewable energy, the future of water, and the intriguing question of whether mushrooms will truly save the world.
  • Indigenous Elders Space: Eclipses hold profound significance for Indigenous peoples worldwide, often marking times of transition and change. Texas Eclipse’s Indigenous Elders Space provides a nurturing environment for learning, listening, and reconciliation, facilitated by Indigenous leaders from collaborating countries.
  • Yoga & Movement: Attendees are encouraged to nurture their bodies and expand their minds with a diverse range of yoga and movement offerings. Curated with wellness in mind, these offerings, led by top instructors, encompass both traditional and unconventional practices.
  • Consciousness Zone and Healing Oasis: A dedicated space awaits those seeking participatory wellness practices, guided by wellness and spiritual leaders. This zone ensures holistic rejuvenation, offering a sanctuary for personal growth and healing.

And the location will be amazing! The festival takes place at Reveille Peak Ranch, a short drive from San Antonio and neighboring Austin. As a result, we are promised and extraordinary experience as like minded individuals meet to honor the 2024 total solar eclipse—a rare celestial spectacle offering over 4 minutes and 20 seconds of totality. This 1300+ acre venue, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, features wooded forests for camping, 60 miles of trails to explore, hilltops for elevated viewing and so much more.

Global partners include: Symbiosis (California), Re:birth (Japan), Strawberry Fields (Australia), Earth Frequency (Australia), Bachstelzen (Germany), Beloved (Oregon), Origin (South Africa), Meadows in the Mountain (Bulgaria), Ometeotl (Mexico), DisQo PereZoso (Costa Rica), Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala).

Together, Texas Eclipse will create an unparalleled convergence of captivating art installations, mesmerizing music performances, space exploration, cutting-edge technology, and the wonders of nature, transforming the raw land into a thriving Global Eclipse Village of creativity, insight, and inspiration.

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