jakub | March 11, 2023

Jim Jarmusch’s band Sqürl announce debut album and share single ‘Berlin ’87’

Jim Jarmusch’s band Sqürl have announced their debut album, sharing the first single from it ‘Berlin ’87’ – see the video below.

The band, which features filmmaker Jarmusch and Carter Logan, announced their debut LP ‘Silver Haze’ with the release of their new single’s video. The new song and its video features footage and music from as long-ago as the late ’80s.

“Jim created the basic guitar tracks first in his home studio, with memories of living in Berlin in 1987 floating around him,” the band said in a statement, as per Pitchforck. “The tracks were then Sqürlized by Carter & Randall at Circular Ruin.”

Watch the video for ‘Berlin ’87’ here:

The video was created and directed by Jem Cohen, who said: “Roaming Central and Eastern Europe soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, backpack crammed with Super 8 cameras, I was deeply moved by the landscape.

“I couldn’t have guessed some of the footage would surface over a quarter-century later in a film for Jim and Carter’s band. They work hard to forge their expansive sound, with its indomitable beat and secret harmonics. Glad I had that backpack, and to be of service.”

The album ‘Silver Haze’ features collaborations with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anika, and Marc Ribot. The LP is slated for a May 5 release via Sacred Bones. Check out the album’s full track-listing below.

Sqürl ‘Silver Haze’ track-listing:

  1. ‘Berlin ’87’
  2. ‘The End of the World’
  3. ‘Garden of Glass Flowers’ (Sqürl / Marc Ribot)
  4. ‘She Don’t Wanna Talk About It’ (Sqürl / Anika)
  5. ‘l Deserto Rosso’ (Sqürl / Marc Ribot)
  6. ‘John Ashbery Takes a Walk’ (Sqürl / Charlotte Gainsbourg)
  7. ‘Queen Elizabeth’
  8. ‘Silver Haze’

Jarmusch and Logan first collaborated on the score for Jarmusch’s 2009 film, The Limits of Control. Most recently the creative duo have shared ‘Some Music for Robby Müller’ the score to Claire Pijman’s 2018 documentary about the titular Dutch cinematographer.

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