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Jonathan Majors allowed to mention ex-girlfriend’s arrest in assault trial

The trial of Marvel star Jonathan Majors has begun, with the actor facing allegations of assault from his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Majors is accused of attacking Jabbari inside a car while they were driving to his New York apartment on March 25. The actor has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him.

The prosecution said that Jabbari suffered minor head and neck injuries and was taken to hospital. In her complaint, the 30-year-old woman claimed that Majors slapped her, threw her into the car after she exited it, twisted her arm, and grabed and injured her hand.

Major’s lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, has called the alleged victim “a liar”, and in June the actor filed counter-complaint, alleging that she attacked him instead. Chaudhry adds that the there is video footage and witness testimony to support their claim that Majors was the victim.

As a result of the counter-complaint, Jabbari was taken into custody by New York City Police Department officials in October. However, the Manhattan District Attorney later said that she would not face prosecution.

Judge Michael Gaffey ruled, however, that Majors’ attorneys were allowed to bring up Jabbari’s arrest during the trial.

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors. CREDIT: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Majors, who has reportedly been dropped by his management and public relations firm following the allegations, faces up to one year in prison if found guilty.

Earlier this year, Majors made his big screen debut in Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania, starring as Marvel’s new major villain Kang. He later starred alongside Michael B. Jordan in Creed III.

The case against Majors has presented a problem for Marvel, with the actor’s villain Kang initially intended to appear in a number of spin-off series and films. Marvel has subsequently pushed back to the release date for the next two Avengers films – The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

On taking on the role of Kang, the actor previously said: “I’m entering into something that is so massive, so mega. I’m humbled, I’m excited. I’m full of energy for it. I have an undying passion for it, and I know I’m not doing it alone,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

The actor added: “There’s pressure and there’s all the support. From [president of Marvel Studios Kevin] Feige to [producer Stephen] Broussard to Tom Hiddleston, [who] texts me every now and then just saying, ‘What’s up?’ That’s been awesome.”

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