jakub | September 24, 2023

Kevin Bacon had to destroy a “haunted” house on his farm to avoid getting “possessed”

Kevin Bacon has revealed that he was once contractually obligated to destroy a “haunted” house on his farm because the previous owner feared he would get “possessed”.

The Footloose star recounted the time he bought land next to his Connecticut farm – which he originally purchased in 1983 – which came with a warning.

He recalled the story on a recent episode of Rob Lowe’s podcast Literally!, sharing that he had gradually been acquiring land in the area.

However, when it came to one particular plot of land, the previous owner refused to sell because of the “abandoned house” on it that he grew up in – unless he agreed to “destroy” it.

“One of the pieces that we bought had an old house in it and [the owner] didn’t want me to own the house. It was an abandoned house that he had grown up in,” Bacon explained (via Entertainment Weekly).

“We kind of went back and forth on it for a while and then, eventually, I said, ‘Listen, you can’t sell me a piece of land but not sell me the house that’s on it. Like, that’s just weird. What if you sell it and there’s somebody that’s just living, basically, right up in the backyard?'”

Bacon then recalled the response of the hesitant owner. “He said, ‘I can’t sell it to you because it’s haunted and I’m afraid that you’ll get possessed and, you know, do some serious damage.'”

The actor said that there was some “back and forth on this haunted house thing” until they “finally came to an agreement, in the contract, that I had to destroy it within a month” of purchasing the home.

When Lowe asked if Bacon has at least spent one night in the house before demolishing it, he replied, “Not only did I not do that,” adding, “But I went up there and there were some beautiful old pine boards and a bannister and I said to Kyra [Sedgwick], ‘We’ve gotta take those out.’ And she’s like, ‘No you’re not. You’re not putting those fucking things in our house.'”

Bacon also shared some details into the reported story behind the “haunted” property: “It was a long story that had to do with a Native American who, in the 1700s, had been murdered by a colonial soldier,” he shared. “[The owner] had had ghostbusters there. It was a whole long thing.”

The Following star also said that while he isn’t a believer in the supernatural, he would “really love to” have an encounter. “But as of yet, it just hasn’t happened. But I hope someday that it will,” he said.

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