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L.S. Dunes Entertained the Crowd at The Opera House in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 13th, 2023



The line was wrapped all the way around The Opera House in Toronto as the crowd was excited to see supergroup band L.S. Dunes in Toronto. The 5-piece rock band featured a powerhouse of musicians forming together from other notable bands. If you know My Chemical Romance, Coheed & Cambria, Saosin, Circa Survive, The Sound of Animals Fighting and Thursday, you will be well familiar with the band members in L.S. Dunes. With this much star power in this band, it was no surprise that it was a packed house at The Opera House to see L.S. Dunes tear up the stage.

Opening up the show was Canadian alternative band Pony. Led by vocalist Sam Bielanski, the power pop band played a setlist showcasing their brand of 90s grunge and indie pop music. It is great to see L.S. Dunes bringing out a local Canadian band to get their music known to a broader audience. 



Sam Bielanski – Lead vocalist, guitars

Matty Morand – Bass

Lucas Horne – Drummer




1. Peach

2. WebMD

3. Couch

4. Très Jolie

5. Sick

6. Who’s Calling

7. Sucker Punch

8. Did it Again

9. Chokecherry 


The music stopped, and the crowd got excited for the arrival of L.S. Dunes. Drummer Tucker Rule was the first to step onstage as he started rocking out his drums. Frank Iero, Tim Payne, and Travis Stever were the next to follow before Anthony Green approached to the middle of the stage in front of a packed audience. As they started their set with “Bombsquad,” the crowd immediately went wild. Anthony’s presence on stage was imminent with his powerful vocals and screams that sounded as impressive as in his Saosin days. The other members didn’t miss a beat as they ripped through the song with endless energy. Anthony got off the stage to meet with the audience during “Like Forever.” The audience screamed in happiness as they got a closer interaction with Anthony while he sang his heart out. 

“God damn!” Anthony exclaimed to the crowd, amazed by the relentless energy the crowd gave L.S. Dunes. The lead singer was having a great time throughout the night as he gave a hand to the people crowd-surfing and waving at certain fans showing their love and appreciation to him and L.S. Dunes. The band played their debut album, Past Lives from its entirety, which is filled with the classic sound of post-hardcore and emo, while they also played their new single, “Benadryl Subreddit.” The middle of the crowd went wild with endless head-banging and crowd-surfing to the song while the band promised they will write new music soon. 

L.S. Dunes left the stage after “2022” to take a breather before returning. Anthony thanked the crowd and the lighting technician for making the band look amazing. Anthony asked him to bring the disco lights before the band ended the night with “Sleep Cult,” the last song from their album. Undoubtedly, this night was special for many fans as band shirts from each of the members’ other bands were worn by numerous people. Seeing some of their favourite bands playing together must be a trip. The fans hoped to see L.S. Dunes with new music and another show to rock on!



Anthony Green – Lead vocalist

Frank Iero – Guitar

Travis Stever – Guitar

Tim Payne – Bass

Tucker Rule – Drummer




1. Bombsquad

2. Like Forever

3. Blender

4. Grey Veins

5. Benadryl Subreddit

6. Antibodies

7. Permanent Rebellion

8. Grifter

9. It Takes Time

10. Past Lives

11. 2022


12. Sleep Cult





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