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Its early afternoon in Lytham town and the place is buzzing, many fans seem to have travelled early and are making the most of the day, there is a really good vibe around the restaurants and bars, groups of girls, couples and families are all here to watch Lionel Richie, put on a musical extravaganza for Lytham Festival, I am sure if there was a ceiling, they would. be dancing on it later.

As the gates open fans are running to get the best spots, and those areas closest to the stage are already filling up quickly as Kevin Davy White takes the stage to open up the day’s proceedings.

Kevin Davy White is a French singer, guitarist, and songwriter who gained international recognition through his participation in the UK reality show, “The X Factor.” eventually becoming runner-up to Rak-su. Tonight, he is centre stage with his band. Kevin’s music incorporates elements of blues, rock, soul, and pop, creating a unique fusion of genres. His influences range from legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton to soulful icons such as Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye. Kevin’s performance is characterized by his captivating stage presence, soulful vocals, and intricate guitar solos. Covers of George Michaels, “Fast Love”, and The Beatles, “Come Together”, all showcasing his diversity, Kevin’s work is impressive as well, with “Sweet Soul Music”, really getting the crowd with its infectious melodies, “Lovers Forever”, gave us some heartfelt lyrics. A great way to start the day.



There are clouds in the sky, but warm sunshine is breaking through.  As the sun starts to bathe the stage in a golden glow it’s time for 80’s legend Kim Wilde to regale the ever-building audience to her string of chart-topping hits.

As Wilde and the band assemble on stage the opening number is the popular “Rage To Love”, and instantly showcases Kim Wilde’s ability to combine pop and rock elements into an energetic and anthemic song. Wilde’s vibrant personality shines through as she entertains and connects with her fans, sharing anecdotes, and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. next up is the big hit “Cambodia”, a synth-driven pop-rock song that tells a haunting story of love and loss.

The band are tight and is driving the set along superbly, Kim continues to showcase her hit singles, “Chequered Love,” “You Came,” and her cover of The Supremes‘ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” which became her first U.S. number one hit. Throwing in a cover of “You Spin Me Round”, by Dead or Alive, for good measure has the band participating in choreographed dance moves. The final song is and had to be “Kids In America”, her breakthrough hit, the crowd let themselves go for this one, it is one of those iconic 80’s dance floor numbers.


1/ Rage to Love

2/ If I Can’t Have You

(Bee Gees cover)

3/ The Second Time / Pop Muzik

(M cover)

4/ Cambodia

5/ View From a Bridge

6/ Play Video

7/ You Keep Me Hangin’ On

(The Supremes cover)

8/ You Came

9/ Chequered Love

10/ You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

(Dead or Alive cover)

11/ Kids in America



The buzz is now building in the arena, a real sense of anticipation, almost an air of expectancy, and next, we welcome Gabrielle to the stage, she has a genuine and down-to-earth presence, and it feels intimate right from the start,  “Thank you”, instantly engages the audience, and she continues with, “When A Woman”, big powerful vocals full of emotion making the fans feel connected to the lyrics. There is a mix of old and new songs tonight, Gabrielle is a  quality performer and is a joy to watch, “Don’t Need The Sun To Shine”, is quite ironic considering it’s such a beautiful day.  The musical arrangement throughout has been perfect, but it is taken to another level on, “Rise”, before she finally closes her faultless set with the classic “Dreams”, a faultless performance, from an artist that is a true performer.


1/ Thank you.

2/ When a woman

3/ Give me a little more time.

4/ Sunshine

5/ Put up a fight.

6/ BV medley

7/ Don’t need the sun to shine.

8/ Young and crazy

9/ Rise

10/ Out of reach

11/ Dreams



As the sun goes down over Lytham and the atmosphere is building to a crescendo, as the crowd wait for one of the true and most endearing performers to have ever graced a stage, every vantage point has been taken, suddenly coming in from the sea and going right over the festival is a helicopter apparently with tonight’s host on board, talk about making an entrance. But within 10 minutes Lionel is walking on stage with his band in tow, there is a fantastic stage backdrop displaying images from his early days to the present, what a reception, what an entrance. “Running With The Night” gets the party started. Already we have an energetic and engaging atmosphere, everyone is wondering which songs from his extensive catalogue of hit songs we shall have the pleasure of tonight.

A short medley of “Easy / My Love” sees Lionel at the piano, he is already in a constant dialogue with his audience he knows how to get the crowd involved its very interactive and the crowd love it,  the band work their socks off and as you would expect from some of the finest musicians ever assembled on a stage.

As well as his solo work he plays several Commodores hits, “Brickhouse /Fire”, the magical “Sail On”, and “Don’t Stop The Music”, bringing the memories flooding back. Lionel is having some great banter with the Lytham crowd. It was windy now and cold, however as he launches into the Commodore’s biggest hit “Three Times A Lady”, that wind didn’t seem to be as cold anymore.

Lionel then teased a special guest to come onto the stage and sing one of his greatest hits, “23 years I have tried to get her on stage”, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get her on now”? he says with a rye smile “well she is not here”, so he invited the audience to take her part for a brilliant rendition of “Endless Love”, and they duly obliged. There is no time to rest “Hello” keeps the crowd participation going, and he slides effortlessly into  “Say You Say Me”. then Lionel takes a few moments to talk to the crowd asking if they are ready to party. and “Dancing On The Ceiling” is unleashed and hysteria unfolds both on and off stage.

As the pace drops for the last song of the set, “We Are The World”. Lionel has once again shown he is a master performer, one of the best in the business.



Of course, there had to be an encore, “All Night Long”, a message of unity, joy, and coming together to celebrate and enjoy life without any worries.

As the grateful fans head off into the night the constant chanting of the chorus can be heard everywhere,  “All night long (all night), all night (all night), all night long (all night), all night (all night).”

Tonight’s concert has been visually stunning, featuring elaborate stage setups, lighting effects, and occasionally, multimedia elements that have enhanced the overall experience, but the truth is, in reality, none of that is needed, Lionel Ritchie is a true performer and you can’t take your eyes off him from start to finish, a brilliant voice with iconic songs on a night I will never forget.


1/ Running With the Night

2/ Easy / My Love

3/ Penny Lover

4/ You Are

5/ Se La

6/ Stuck on You

7/ Brick House / Fire

(Commodores song)

8/ Sail On

(Commodores song)

9/ Lady (You Bring Me Up)

(Commodores song)

10/ Don’t Stop the Music

11/ Three Times a Lady

(Commodores song)

12/ My Destiny

13/ Endless Love

(Diana Ross & Lionel Richie cover)

14/ Hello

15/ Say You, Say Me

16/ Dancing on the Ceiling

17/ We Are the World

(USA for Africa cover)


18/ All Night Long





















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