jakub | March 5, 2024

Meet Me @ The Altar Finishes The “Say it to My Face” Tour at The Basement East in Nashville, Tennessee on February 21st, 2024

Closing out the night was the headliner, Meet Me @ The Altar, and as the trio took the stage, the crowd bustled with excitement. Their seamless blend of pop-punk melodies, captivating lyrics, and powerhouse vocals made their set electrifying. 

Vocalist Edith Victoria and guitarist Téa Campbell both injected boundless energy into their performances as they used up every area of free space on the stage. While Edith would jump up and down on the right, Téa would spin and kick on the left. And even though drummer Ada Juarez was covered in shadows a lot of the time, her precise and dynamic drumming provided the backbone of the band’s high-energy performance. 

Something I particularly enjoyed about Meet Me @ the Altar’s set was the fact that each band member spoke to the audience at some point. It felt like we were having a conversation with the band, and getting to hear the banter between the three women was a delight. 

Every moment of the set was exciting, and when they closed with “Say It To My Face,” not a single person in the crowd stood still. With their infectious energy, undeniable talent, and unwavering authenticity, Meet Me @ the Altar is a must-see band in concert. 

I had such a fun time, and everyone around me was so nice. The atmosphere of the show was one of the most friendly and accepting I’ve ever experienced, which certainly made an already incredible show that much more enjoyable. 

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