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Ministry, Gary Numan, and Front Line Assembly invade the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, California on February 27, 2024


On February 27, 2024 I was off to San Francisco, California on my way to the Warfield Theater. The Warfield Theater became a music venue in 1979 by Billy Graham and the rest, as they say, is history. Traffic on the bridge was brutal and made me almost late for the show.

Front Line Assembly was first on stage.  Singer, Bill Leep was on fire as he jammed through the songs. Starting with “Vigilante” they hit the stage with an intensity that was unmatched. The band played with a determination of a new band though they have been around for years. Suited up with their new guitar player, Matthew Setzer, they plowed through their set with ease. Blasting through “I.E.D.”,  “Killing Grounds” and “Mindphaser,” shredding their way through the set, each song more iconic than the last. Filling out their set was the song “Millennium”, which was a perfect ending. And, what a set it was. It was the perfect band with the perfect set.


Front Line Assembly band members

Bill Leeb – Vocals, Keyboard, Percussion

Rhys Fulber – Keyboard, Programming, Percussion

Matthew Setzer – Guitar





2. I.E.D.

3. Plasticity

4. Deadened

5. Killing Grounds

6. Mindphaser

7. Millennium


Gary Numan was up next.  He is 100% on point and was well-fit for the night. His energy and power were well-matched and fit perfectly. The band kept up and he just shredded his guitar. Starting out with “Everything Comes Down to This” the pace was set for what was to come. Followed by “The Chosen”, “Love Hurt Bleed”, “My Name is Ruin” and everyone’s favorite Gary Numan song, “Cars” the set was well thought out and solid. 


Gary Numan band members

Gary Numan – vocals, keyboards, guitar

Steve Harris – guitar

Tim Slade – bass

David Brooks – Keyboards




1.Everything Comes Down to This

2. Halo

3. The Chosen

4. Metal

5. Pure

6. Love Hurt Bleed

7. Is This World Not Enough

8. Cars

9. Haunted

10. Pray for the Pain You Serve

11. My Name Is Ruin

12. A Prayer for the Unborn


Ministry hit the stage on fire. Uncle Al Jourgensen, with his infinite wisdom, put his show together and did it with style. Ministry played a set with passion that seemed never-ending. The band started out playing “B.D.E.”, then they played newer songs off the HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES and Moral Hygiene albums. The fourth song was special because the had Jello Biafra, formally of The Dead Kennedys to perform “Aryan Embarrassment”, and he just killed it! This was a one-off performance since he isn’t on tour with them. 


With the first part of the set complete, Ministry broke into some of the older tracks including, “Just One Fix”, “Thieves” and “Jesus Built My Hotrod”. This part of the set was awesome. Driving each song into the crowd like a band possessed. Those songs came after a short break in the music, and they settled it down and played two covers songs, “The Light Pours Out of Me” a Magazine cover and “Ricky’s Hand” which was a Fad Gadget cover.  What a fun couple of songs that brought the right energy to the crowd.

Overall, a terrific show. If you like (or love) any of these bands, check out this lineup. You will not be disappointed whatsoever. 10/10 DEFINITELY approve.


Ministry band members

Al Jourgensen – Vocals, Guitar

Cesar Soto – Guitar

Monte Pittman -Guitar

Paul D’Amour – Bass

Roy Mayorga – Drums

John Bechdel – Keyboards



1.B.D.E. (Live debut)

2. Just Stop Oil (Live debut)

3. Goddamn White Trash

4. Aryan Embarrassment (with Jello Biafra) (Live debut; Biafra’s first )

5. New Religion (Live debut)

6. Alert Level

7. Broken System

8. N.W.O.

9. Just One Fix

10. Stigmata

11. Thieves

12. Jesus Built My Hotrod (first time since 2019)


13. The Light Pours Out of Me (Magazine cover) (First known performance by Ministry since 2003)

14. Ricky’s Hand (Fad Gadget cover)









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