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Morgan Wade’s No Signs of Slowing Down Tour Makes a Pitstop at Scoot Inn in Austin, Texas on 3/31/23




Austin, Texas, was graced with the musical talent of  Morgan Wade and Kaitlin Butts at the Historic Scoot Inn on Friday, March 31st. I have been waiting for this show since it was announced this past fall. Finally, the day came, and I was not disappointed.

Oklahoma native Kaitlin Butts opened the show. Her songs are written so honestly. She started her set with “Jackson.” Her second song, “Blood,” was explained as a song that just because you’re family doesn’t mean you have to put up with their judgment or shit. She continued with one of her most popular songs and crowd favorite, “Marfa Lights.”

Every song Butts played was given a background behind how she wrote the song and I enjoyed hearing the backstory. My favorite song of the night was “She’s Using,” a song about overcoming addiction ad abuse, a personal story about one of her family members.

Butts wrapped up her seven-song set with “White River.” I really enjoyed photographing and listening to her set. It was a simple setup with her and a fiddle player and the perfect opening to a great night at The Historic Scoot Inn.



Kaitlin Butts Setlist:

1.) Jackson

2.) Blood

3.) Marfa Lights

4.) She’s Using

5.) Than Ever

6.) Be This Way

7.) White River


I’ve been following Morgan Wade on social media since the Pandemic. Besides Koe Wetzel, Morgan Wade has been the artist I’ve wanted to photograph for the past couple of years. I love her songs, songwriting, swagger, artistry, and everything she stands for. Wade played two shows this past weekend in Austin. I was able to photograph the Friday show and attend the Sunday show as a fan. Both were equally fantastic. 

Nine Inch Nails‘ song, “Closer,” started playing over the speakers as Wade and her band took the stage. They immediately started playing “Don’t Cry.” Followed by one of my top 3 favorite Morgan Wade songs, “Last Cigarette.” It was challenging to photograph and have the urge to sing along to the entire song simultaneously. I left the pit and stayed for the rest of the show.

She played a new song from her upcoming record called “Alanis,” which is ironic because she sang with Alanis Morisette on Sunday night at the CMT Awards in Austin, Texas. After “Alanis,” she played another of my top 3 favorite songs, “When the Dirt all Settles,” a song about your soulmate. After everything, it’s you and me, baby, when the dirt all settles.

Wade and her band continued to play favorites like “Matches and Metaphors,” The Night, “Run,” a rendition of “Your Love,” and “Jessie’s Girl” before she took an acoustic break and sang her song, “Met You.”

Wade finished her set with her song, “Wilder Days,” another top 3 favorite song of mine and the audience. We sang every word along with her. The show and song selection was great. Another great thing about the show was the lighting of the show. The lights elevated the show and theatrics. Overall, it was worth the 6-month wait to see Morgan Wade perform. I can wait for the new album and, hopefully, a new tour to photograph. 




Morgan Wade Setlist:

1.) Don’t Cry

2.) Last Cigarette

3.) Reckless

4.) Alanis

5.) When the Dirt all Settles

6.) Matches and Metaphors

7.) Fall in Love with Me

8.) The Night

9.) The Night Part 2

10.) Bad Karma > Plush

11.) Mend

12.) Run

13.) Take Me Away

14.) Northern Air

15.) Your Love / Jessie’s Girl

16.) Acoustic 1

17.) Acoustic 2

18.) Met You

19.) Wilder Days





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