jakub | September 7, 2023


Just a few weeks ago, I attended the event hosted by Insomniac and Emo Nite, “EMO NITE: THE ROAD TO THE GRAVE RAVE.” This led to Academy LA having only five tickets left thirty minutes after the doors opened. It was a blast! Academy displayed the aesthetic right by hanging the Emo Nite logo as a neon sign over the bar. The designs for the DJ visuals brought me back to the early 2000s by using a font that I would’ve seen in my local mall during that time. The vibes from the crowd were one of the best that I have encountered while attending a weekend rave; plenty of people said, “Excuse me,” as they passed with smiles.

Many people and their friends came dressed for the occasion wearing fishnets, jean shorts, and a black graphic t-shirt. While I didn’t see anyone wearing their Converse or DC skate shoes, I did see plenty of Air Force Ones since that is one of our newer shoe trends, which is very reasonable.
Everyone was having a fantastic time no matter where I went in the club, upstairs, the pit, or the bathroom. When I asked random attendees if they were happy with the lineup, I received nothing but positive remarks, with someone even saying that they were more than happy with it. Many of those were excited that Insomniac was hosting an event where they could return to a time they all loved with their friends.

Some had never been to a rave or Academy before but came out because of Emo Nite alone. It was easy to say that the vibes were high because of the excitement. When I stepped out of the pit to catch some air, I leaned against a wall and saw two friends screaming and dancing to every new song that was getting mixed in. It was a fantastic event where I could see an inclusive night for a group of ravers who enjoy the heavier side of EDM and their roots from the 2000s.

It is with no doubt that Emo Nite will indeed have a returning crowd since I saw nothing but bright and cheesy smiles.

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