jakub | October 17, 2023

Person dressed as Pennywise is terrifying locals in Scottish town

A person dressed up as Pennywise the Clown has been terrifying locals by stalking the streets in a Scottish town.

They have named themself the Skelmorlie Clown after the same Scottish town they are terrorizing. The person appeared to be wearing the same costume the character Pennywise wore in Stephen King’s famous Horror novel and hit film It.

In true Pennywise fashion, Skelmorlie Clown also carries around a red balloon, the same item that the killer clown used as bait for children in the book and film adaptations of the novel. Per Scotland’s Daily Record, the clown has been leaving red balloons dotted around the small town, home to only about 2,000 residents.

The mysterious figure responded to news reports via a Facebook video posted under the name of Cole Deimos shortly before 3am on Thursday, October 12. In the video, the clown said it wanted “to play in the sleepy village”.

“Well, well, well, I’ve made the news again. Should I smile for the cameras with my ‘hideous’ grin?” they said.

The video also shared that police are aware of the social media posts, the clown added in the video: “Do you think that I care? They’d have to catch me first anyway – and yes, that’s a dare. This clown doesn’t want fame, glory or gold. He just wants to play in this so-called ‘sleepy town’. So, come and join in and learn to fear the Skelmorlie clown.”

A local in the village said that he refuses to let his two children, who are aged 11 and 13, go out at night.

“Whoever this is they are scaring everybody – he needs to be stopped. Someone needs to have a word with him before the police get involved or he really terrifies someone. He could give someone a heart attack,” said the anonymous local (per Metro)

He continued: “One boy in the street along from us said he saw the clown from his

bedroom window just before he went to bed – he didn’t sleep all night.”
Another village local named Pauline said: ‘Everyone in the village has seen the video and posts on Facebook of the Skelmorlie Killer Clown and we’re all talking about who it is, but nobody’s got a clue.

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