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Polaris Brings their “Fatalism North American Tour” to Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee on October 26th, 2023



On October 26th, Polaris brought their “Fatalism North American” tour to Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee, with support from Paledusk, Varials, and Currents. Each band put on an entertaining and dynamic show that the crowd was loving it the whole time.

Opening the show was Paledusk, a progressive metalcore band from Fukuoka, Japan. Paledusk was so much fun to watch as they lit up the stage with their constant energy and enthusiasm, always on the move. Guitarists Daisuke Ehara and Tsubasa Ishibashi were especially animated as they spun, kicked, and jumped during the set. The crowd fed off the band’s energy, moshing and headbanging along to the music. Many were also clearly fans of the band, as several shouted the words to the music, and others called out to their favorite band members. One of the best parts of watching Paledusk’s performance was seeing them have the absolute best time hyping up the crowd. Vocalist Kaito kept all of his interactions between him and the audience playful, while also encouraging them to have a great time at the show. The band was all smiles as they finished their set and waved to the crowd, who cheered for more even as they left the stage. While their set was only six songs, they made every second of it count. I hope to see them back in the US sometime after this tour, because they’re one you won’t want to miss live! 



Kaito – Vocals

Daisuke Ehara – Guitar

Tsubasa “Two” Ishibashi – Guitar

Bob – Drums



Set List:

1). Lose Yourself
(Eminem cover)



4). I’m ready to die for my friends

5). SLAY!!





Next was Varials, a metalcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They brought a heavier sound to the show, which the crowd loved if the immediate headbanging was anything to go by. Even so, they did mix in a couple of slower songs, which provided a nice balance for everyone with different music tastes. They encouraged the audience to just vibe to the music and have a good time, which was certainly helped by the band’s non-stop energy during their set. Whenever the crowd’s movement would slow down, vocalist Mitchell Rogers would tell them to open that pit back up and send the crowdsurfers to the front. What really stood out to me for Varials show was the skillful playing from all members, as well as the excellent sound mixing. Each instrument could be heard clearly while never sacrificing the sound of the vocals. Additionally, their light show, which was full of bright and flashing lights, really added to their hardcore sound. I hadn’t heard much from Varials before this show, but I’ll definitely look into them. 



Mitchell Rogers – Vocals

Mike Foley – Bass

James Hohenwarter – Guitar

Shane Lyons – Guitar

Sean Rauchut – Drums



Set List:

1). The New Damnation

2). Empire of Dirt

3). .50

4). The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1

5). Romance

6). South of One

7). Anything to Numb

8). Stigmata


After Varials was Currents, a metalcore band from Newtown, Connecticut. This was my second time seeing Currents live, and both times I was just as impressed with the band’s performance. Each member, while focused on playing to the best of their ability, also did a great job of interacting with the crowd and making the audience feel as if they were part of the show. Vocalist Brian Wille particularly encouraged everyone to participate, by having the room open up the pit or by leading the crowd in waving their arms from side to side, creating what looked like a synchronized wave. While each member of Currents was energetic, their bassist, Christian Bulgarist, was especially spirited. When he wasn’t jumping on the small platforms at the front of the stage, he was at the back of the stage, kicking and spinning with moves that most people would have fallen while attempting. For this set, Currents included many fan-favorite songs that had the whole crowd moving and dancing, especially with “Better Days.” During this part, the entire room could be heard singing their hearts out. This particular song is an emotionally charged one, and Brian Wille excellently portrayed the sorrow and frustration with his vocals, while Christian Bulgarist, guitarists Chris Wiseman and Ryan Castald, and drummer Matt Young brought the rest of the song together with masterful instrumentals. The entirety of their set felt just as impassioned. 



Brian Wille – Vocals

Chris Wiseman – Guitar

Ryan Castaldi – Guitar

Chris Pulgarin – Bass

Matt Young – Drums




Set List:

1). Living in Tragedy

2). Remember Me

3). The Death We Seek

4). Monsters

5). Better Days

6). Into Despair

7). Kill the Ache

8). So Alone

9). Unfamiliar


If the crowd had been energized for the first three bands (which they definitely had been!), that was almost nothing compared to how frenzied they were when Polaris, a metalcore band from Sydney Australia, took the stage. As soon as the opening chords for their first song “Harbinger,” rang out, crowdsurfers flew through the air, and they didn’t stop for the rest of the set. Similarly, the mosh pit stayed open and alive the entire show. 

The only way to describe Polaris’s impressive performance is mesmerizing. This was my first time seeing them live and I already can’t wait for the opportunity to do it again. Their enthralling stage presence demanded your attention and made it impossible to look away from them. At the same time, their raw lyrics and heavy riffs created such a frenetic atmosphere that staying still was not an option, which could be witnessed by the crowd’s non-stop movement. A heartbreaking, yet touching moment occurred before they played “Martyr (Waves),” when they discussed losing their late band member, Ryan Siew. They opened up about how difficult the last few months have been, but how appreciated their fans’ love and support has been. In a moment of solidarity, the crowd started a chant for Ryan, then lit up the venue like a constellation in a dark sky with their cellphones as the song started. It was a beautiful and emotional tribute. Despite how hard it must be for the band to talk every night about losing someone close to them, they kept the energy just as high for the rest of the show. 

One of my favorite parts was when vocalist Jamie Hails made sure to stress how everyone was welcome at their shows, and that whether the crowd wanted to stay in the front and headbang, mosh in the middle, or stay up top and have a drink, as he put it, “no matter what you do, this is a safe space, so just have fun.” The atmosphere had already felt really welcoming before his speech, but after that, it went from feeling like the audience were all friends coming together for a night of music, to one big family, which made the experience extra special. 

My time seeing Polaris’s “Fatalism North American” tour exceeded all of my already high expectations! Not only did I get to see some bands I already loved listening to, but I was also introduced to two new ones I can’t wait to explore further. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this tour, I highly recommend doing so. 



Jamie Hails – Vocals

Rick Schneider – Guitar

Jake Steinhauser – Bass, Vocals

Ryan Siew – Lead Guitar

Daniel Furnari – Drums



Set List:

1). Harbinger

2). Nightmare

3). Hypermania

4). With Regards

5). Lucid

6). All of This Is Fleeting

7). Landmine

8). Overflow

9). Martyr (Waves)

10). Parasites

11). Dissipate

12). Pray For Rain

13). Masochist


14). Inhumane

15). The Remedy





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