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Polaris Headlined Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 17, 2023



It was rocking at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall on Tuesday, as Australian metalcore act Polaris made a Canadian stop in part of their North American headlining tour this fall. The 4-piece band are touring in support of their latest album, Fatalism released in May. After a tough few months of overcoming the passing of their guitarist Ryan Siew, the band is carrying on his legacy and putting their energy into every show honouring the late guitarist. The audience was packed as they were excited to head bang and mosh pit to an energetic night of metalcore music. 

Japanese metalcore band Paledusk made their live debut in Canadian soil with a bang. I looked forward to seeing this band after they couldn’t be part of Loathe’s North American tour late last year due to visa issues. It’s better late than never though, as they entertained the early crowd with their unique mix of metal and hip hop. Kaito’s vocals were incredible from start to finish, while Daisuke showed off his incredible riffs throughout the set and spun around the stage in sync with Kabuki, the bassist. Paledusk is a band you need to check out if you want something new and different in metalcore music.


Paledusk Lineup:

Kaito – Lead vocalist

Daisuke Ehara – Guitars

Tsubasa “Two” Ishibashi – Bass

Bob – Drummer



Varials was the next opener of the show. The Metalcore band from Philadelphia showcased their heavy metalcore sound when at times it went into deathcore. Lead vocalist Mitchell kept the energy high with his brutal screams as the lights continued to flash along the madness of Varials set. For metalcore listeners who like nothing but heaviness in metal, Varials is the band to check out.



Mitchell Rogers – Lead vocalist

James Hohenwarter – Lead guitars

Mike Foley – Bass

Sean Rauchut – Drummer




1. The New Damnation

2. Empire of Dirt

3. .50

4. The Cycle of Violence: Chapter 1

5. Romance

6. South of One

7. Anything to Numb

8. Stigmata



Currents was the third opener of the show. Having seen the band for the first time two years ago, the band has since become a popular name in the metalcore scene. With the crowd singing loudly to the chorus of “Better Days,” it was fascinating to see how much Currents has garnered more attention since the last time I saw them live in the same venue. Everyone moved their heads with the occasional crowd surfing and circle pits. Currents are an incredible live band, as they are destined for bigger things to come. 



 Brian Wille – Lead vocalist

Christian Pulgarin – Bass, backing vocals

Chris Wiseman – Lead guitarist

Ryan Castaldi – Rhythm guitars

Matt Young – Drummer




1. Living in Tragedy

2. Remember Me

3. The Death We Seek

4. Monsters

5. Better Days

6. Into Despair

7. Kill the Ache

8. So Alone

9. Unfamiliar



The lights went dark that signalled the arrival of Polaris. Frontman Jamie Hails was the first to enter onstage to sing the beginning of “Harbinger.” The other members joined shortly after the chorus kicked in as the audience started singing loudly to the band’s delight. Jamie’s vocals were in top form as his cleans and screams pierced through the venue while his bandmates passionately played through their respective instruments. 

The highlight of the light took place as the band caught their breaths after “Overflow.” They gave Jamie his moment to give a heartfelt speech to the audience. He thanked the crowd for all the love and support following the sudden passing of their guitarist, Ryan Siew. Roars of “Ryan!” were heard loudly from the crowd in response before the band played “Martyr (Waves)” as a tribute to Ryan, while everyone lit up the room with the flash in their phones. 

The night continued with endless Metalcore bangers from Polaris with multiple circle pits and crowd surfing from the crowd. The band left the stage after “Inhumane” as the audience repeatedly yelled for one more song. They got their wish as Polaris returned to the stage to end the night with two more songs: “Pray for Rain” and “The Remedy.” The audience loudly cheered in acknowledgement to Polaris as they thanked the crowd again before they left the stage with Vengaboy’s “We Like to Party!” being played after that. Polaris put on an unforgettable show, as everyone hopes to see them again soon!



Jamie Hails – Lead vocalist

Jake Steinhauser – Bass, backing vocals

Rick Schneider – Lead guitars

Daniel Furnari – Drummer

Jesse Crofts – Rhythm guitars (Touring member)




1. Harbinger

2. Nightmare

3. Hypermania

4. With Regards

5. Lucid

6. All of This Is Feeling

7. Landmine

8. Overflow

9. Martyr (Waves)

10. Parasites

11. Dissipate

12. Masochist

13. Inhumane


14. Pray for Rain

15. The Remedy






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