jakub | October 7, 2023

Purple Disco Machine and Guests

Tino Piontek, aka Purple Disco Machine, is one name within EDM that has been up to some big things. They have created a mainstream song known as the song “Hypnotized” with Sophie And The Giants. Recently, the opportunity for SoCal to see Purple Disco Machine with guests Chromeo, Duck Sauce, and Kinjo was on Sunday, October 1st. Despite the active West Nile Virus, the event was held outdoors at the Shrine Auditorium near USC in downtown Los Angeles. Without a doubt, seeing Purple Disco Machine and these supporting artists is like seeing a unicorn, and here is why.

Demographically, the crowd was far from anything initially expected. With the anticipation of many Gen-Z students in attendance, the $80 ticket was most likely why there were few. The median age was millennials, and the crowd was very LGBTQ+ and welcoming. Food and drinks were there for dietary wants, with three food trucks for BBQ, Korean, and vegan. Outfit choices were spectacular, with just about every tenth person within the crowd wearing purple as the primary color of their outfit with bell-bottom jeans, metallic shackets, fluffy white bucket hats, and Dr. Martens. With smiles on almost every face, they came in a duo or a friend group, but the blended interactions of those with each other in the crowd continued. Because of its unique character, it was the most PLUR crowd to experience so far, hence the reason for calling this event a unicorn.

All in all, this was magical. The circled groups of (what appeared to be) long-term friends gave security within their outside portrayal. Not only were attendees there for Purple Disco Machine, but for the supporting artists Duck Sauce, Chromeo, and Kinji. Hit songs like “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce, “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz, and the infamous “On My Mind” remix by Purple Disco Machine immediately made a roar from the crowd, with singalongs and only two to three phones out while they played. The set design differed for each artist, with Chromeo having a guitar and Purple Disco Machine having dance numbers for certain songs. The nostalgia from it all adds to the desire to return once more when they are back in Los Angeles to travel back to what life was like pre-COVID-19.

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