jakub | February 19, 2023

‘Rainbow Six Siege’’s new season is Operation Commanding Force

Fans clamouring for their first glimpse at Rainbow Six Siege content haven’t been left disappointed with a bombastic reveal for Year 8, Season 1’s Operation Commanding Force being announced along with new operator Brava.

We’ve got a hands-on with Brava already and a bigger look at the shift to a more tactical direction for development that is being signposted with Commanding Force. In addition to these, Zero is getting a small rework to the way that his camera gadgets work, and reloading is getting a huge change with reload cancelling no longer being possible. Each of these changes are clearly signalling from the Rainbow Six Siege developers try to push the game towards being a more deliberately strategic experience.

Players looking to play with the new features won’t have long to wait either. The season will launch for all players on March 7, with owners of the returning Year Pass getting early access to the new attacker, Brava, for 14 days in advance.

There’s a trailer too, showing the game’s increased narrative focus – you can check it out below.

Additionally, Zero is getting a rework, with his camera now able to burrow through walls to view the other side of the wall. The test server will be available in the near future.

In other gaming news, Firaxis has confirmed that the next Civilization game is in developmentthough Jake Solomon is leaving the studio.

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