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Rebel Kicks Unveil Highly Anticipated EP ‘somewhere.in.between.’– A Fusion of Dance Pop, R&B, and Indie Rock – Onstage Magazine.com

“…one of the most exciting acts to watch in today’s music scene.” 
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Today marks the highly-anticipated release of Rebel Kicks‘ new EP, ‘somewhere.in.between.’, a vibrant collection of songs showcasing the band’s dynamic range and musical versatility. Glide Magazine praised the EP, noting, “Combining punchy and smooth dance pop with elements of R&B, groove, and indie rock, the EP displays this group’s ability to craft infectious songs that feel well-suited to grab the attention of mainstream listeners.” The band’s skillful blend of synths, big harmonies, and guitar work creates an infectious sound that’s both innovative and familiar.
The EP features a series of standout singles, each bringing a unique flavor to the band’s expansive sonic palette. “The Girl In Barcelona” transports listeners to the heart of Catalonia with its groove-laden anthem inspired by a trip to Spain, offering a vivid expression of liberation and joy. Complemented by an artful and animated music video, this track encapsulates the spirit of adventure and freedom.

Packed with emotive exploration, Past Life” delves into the mysteries of human connections and soulmates,” shares the band. The song, inspired by the red string theory, resonates with listeners through its intricate storytelling and poignant melodies.
A pinnacle moment in their recent journey was the electrifying performance at The Cutting Room in NYC. The show, which marked their biggest performance in the city to date, had the band performing to a packed house, offering a live rendition of the new material and proving their dynamic stage presence. The show closely followed the band’s debut TV performance on “Good Day New York.”
Rebel Kicks, formed by brothers Anthony and Steven Babino, has come a long way since their initial foray into music. Playing and singing harmony with their father, a professional jazz musician, they honed their craft from a young age. The band’s evolution has been marked by a series of hit tracks featured on MTV and Showtime, collaborations with renowned producers and songwriters, and shared bills with major artists like Foo Fighters, Blink-182, and Incubus.
The band’s journey has been a blend of musical exploration and personal growth. “We’ve always been about pushing the boundaries of our sound, drawing from a rich tapestry of genres,” says Anthony. Steven adds, “Our music is a reflection of our journey, an amalgamation of our diverse influences from jazz to classic rock to R&B.”
Rebel Kicks’ ‘somewhere.in.between.’ is a testament to their journey, a celebration of their growth as artists, and a gift to their fans. As they continue to make waves in the music industry, their passion, talent, and dedication shine through every note.
The EP ‘somewhere.in.between.’ is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Rebel Kicks – Tour Dates
Saturday, May 4th – The Red Room @ Cafe 939 – Boston, MA
Friday, June 14th – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
‘somewhere.in.between.’ by Rebel Kicks
1. The Girl in Barcelona
2. Past Life
3. Flowering Dogwood
4. Feel Good
5. Save It For A Rainy Day

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