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Rebelution Headlines Reggae Rise Up Florida in Vinoy Park located in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 15, 2024

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The 9th edition of Reggae Rise Up Florida took place at Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida on March 14-17, 2024. The bayfront venue provided stunning views of the pier and the buildings downtown. Festival goers could be spotted sitting along the water, watching the boats and kayaks float by, and enjoying the nightly sunsets. There were tons of food and drink vendors to choose from, as well as every kind of merchandise you could want, from artist and festival gear to jewelry to custom artwork. Several artists were painting murals throughout the weekend, adding to the creative vibe. 



Friday, March 15 was the first full day of music. Gates opened at noon and the music began at 12:15. There were two full-size stages at either end of the festival grounds, with all of the vendors located in between. There was very little overlap in the set times, so fans were able to catch almost everything they would want to. There was a small third stage along the waterfront, where Sugar Shack Sessions had four performances each day in a more intimate setting. The sun was burning bright, making for a hot time on the Florida coast.





The full lineup for Reggae Rise Up Florida on Friday, March 15, 2024 was as follows:





Collie Buddz

The Original Wailers


The Kaleidoscope Kid

Drifting Rooms




The Expendables


Lila Iké

Claire Wright

Dale and the Zdubs



Through Roots

The Wide Eyed Kids

Claire Wright




The Kaleidoscope Kid is a relative newcomer to the scene. TKK has been obsessed with electric guitar and skateboarding since he was a kid. The punk rock heart of skating can be heard in his hip-hop/reggae blend.


Claire Wright blends the California sunshine with her Nashville songwriting acumen to produce a bright sound. She delivers her songs with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step.


Eli-Mac (Ciara-Camile “Camile” Roque Velasco) blends elements of hip-hop, reggae, and R&B with Pacific Island sounds. Eli-Mac brings a fire to her performance that demands your attention. 


Lila Iké takes the Jamaica classic sounds and elevates them with touches of the Dirty South. She has tons of style and an infectious groove.


The Original Wailers were one of the main attractions at Reggae Rise Up Florida 2024. With the Bob Marley movie “One Love” being recently released, there is a renewed interest in the band and the legendary songs that made reggae music popular all over the world. At this point, only guitarist Al Anderson remains from the band that recorded and toured with Marley. But this band played all of the hits with the true spirit shining through. 


Collie Buddz brings a Caribbean sound to his music and a touch of hip-hop to his stage show. His spirit is infectious and spreads easily across the festival grounds.


The Expendables have been spreading their SoCal vibes all over the world for two and a half decades. With multiple singers and multiple guitars, the sounds were ever-changing and a pleasure to experience.


Soja is an eight-piece band from northern Virginia that radiates energy and light. The band members feel their songs and let their bodies move along to the groove. The crowd was dancing and smiling along with lead singer Jacob Hemphill. Enjoying a Soja concert is pure fun.


Protoje (Oje Ken Ollivierre) is a Jamaican reggae singer, whose parents were both singers. His comfort and skill on stage were clearly passed on. He performs in the classic, smooth Jamaican style, capping off a chill vibes day on the secondary Vibe Stage.


Rebelution closed out the night on the main Rise Up Stage with a dazzling display of musicianship, song performance, and visual effects. The southern California reggae band is celebrating 20 years together, and their deep bond among themselves and with their audience was on full display. They hit the ground running with “Sky is the Limit” which set a high bar with its positive energy. The band continued to reach those highs throughout the evening.





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