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Re:SET Festival at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York with Idles & LCD Soundsystem June 16th, 2023


Re:SET festival was conceived as an artist and fan-friendly alternative to the standard summer concert experience. Taking place over four weekends in the month of June. The first of three nights in New York City’s Forest Hills Stadium was this past Friday, with performances from Jamie xx, IDLES, L’Rain & LCD Soundsystem. The following two nights include performances from Boygenius, Clairo, Dijon, Bartees Strange, Steve Lacy, James Blake, Toro y Moi & Fousheé.

Once again, the night started with heavy rain which caused a delay at the outdoor venue, doors were pushed by an hour yet set times were kept the same, which resulted in a situation where the first band on the bill L’Rain played as people were walking in which prevented photos and a review of their set. 

Next on the bill were Idles.  The British punk rockers that defies conventions and challenges societal norms through their music. With their explosive energy, relentless intensity, and thought-provoking lyrics, Idles have become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. They are unapologetic and very raw and seem to really resonate with the audience. They create a powerful connection that defies the boundaries of any genre. Lead singer Joe Talbot is intense, delivering every word with attitude and passion. They don’t hold back when it comes to their policies and mid-set call for a chant of “Fuck the King!” The set is electrifying and their live performances is unforgettable, I really had no expectation coming in, I’ve heard so much about them over the years and this was my first time seeing them live and I find myself wishing it was longer than the 60min allotted to them and will definitely be going back to see them again first chance i get. 



Joe Talbot – Lead Vocals

Adam Devonshire – Bass/Backing Vocals

Mark Bowen – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Electronics/Keyboards

Jon Beavis – Drums/Backing Vocals

Lee Kiernan – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals




01. Colossus
02. Car Crash
03. Mr. Motivator
04. Meds
05. Mother
06. Crawl!
07. The Wheel
08. Grounds
09. Wizz
10. Never Fight a Man With a Perm
11. Danny Nedelko
12. Rottweiler


Next on the bill is Jaime XX who is an English musician, DJ, record producer, and remixer. He is known for both his solo work and as a member of the English indie pop band The XX. His set is a master of blending genres and crafting immersive sonic landscapes. It seems that he effortlessly merges elements of electronic, dance, and ambient music. The crowd embraces him and pretty much danced none stop during the 60min set. Jamie xx’s music is a journey of sonic exploration, captivating listeners with its atmospheric beauty and infectious rhythms.


Unfortunately approvals for  Jaime XX’s images were not granted in time for this review.


Closing the night are the main headliners, LCD Soundsystem. The American electronic rock band led by James Murphy, who has carved a distinct niche in the music landscape. With their fusion of dance-punk, post-punk, and disco influences, LCD Soundsystem creates a sonic tapestry that is both infectious and introspective. Murphy’s introspective and often wryly humorous lyrics, combined with his intricate production, resulting in songs that are simultaneously introspective and anthemic. From the pulsating energy of “Dance Yrself Clean” to the nostalgic melancholy of “All My Friends,” LCD Soundsystem’s music strikes a delicate balance between vulnerability and infectious grooves, making them an enduring and influential force in the alternative music scene. For me, again, this is a first, I know their music, but over the years despite being in New York City I never got to see them live, so had no expectations. The stage setup alone is massive, fill with Analog synthesizers, multiple drum kits and percussion, amps, samplers, and James Murphy’s unmistakable signature microphone dead center. The set start very strong, with “Get Innocuous!”, “I Can Change” and “You Wanted a Hit”, and it sets the tone for the rest of the night. The crowd immediately on the first beat starts dancing and pretty much doesn’t stop until the end of the show, it’s like nothing I have experienced at a show before on this grand scale. The Music, the beats, the rhythms, the ever-changing instruments, and the band members swapping places, it’s a real treat to watch as well. And of course, the closing three songs take everything to the next level, it being New York City of course, “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down,” “Dance Yrself Clean” and “All My Friends”. And it wouldn’t be an LCD Soundsystem shows without mentioning the visual experience, with their lights show, giant mirror ball that brings it all together as one memorable night!



James Murphy – Vocals/Synths/Guitar/Bass/drums/Percussion/Drum Machine/Production

Nancy Whang –Vocals/Keyboards/Synths

Pat Mahoney – Drums/percussion/Drum machine/claps/Synths, Vocals

Tyler Pope – bass/Guitar/Synths/Claps/Drum machine

Al Doyle – Guitar/Percussion/Synths/Bass

Korey Richey – Percussion/Synths/Piano/Vocals

Abby Echiverri – Synths/Guitar/Percussion/Vocals

Nick Millhiser – Synths/Percussion/Vocals




01. Get Innocuous!
02. I Can Change
03. You Wanted a Hit
04. Tribulations
05. Movement
06. Tonite
07. new body rhumba
08. Someone Great
09. Losing My Edge
10. Home
11. No Love Lost
12. New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down
13. Dance Yrself Clean
14. All My Friends







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