jakub | May 16, 2023

Say Farewell To Summer Camp

This wasn’t the article I envisioned writing as a preview for Summer Camp. I had a few things planned and yes, I can still use some of those ideas in this article, but the article’s tone has shifted considerably for me. This is a farewell letter to my favorite festival, my true home with my family.

Tonight the news dropped that Summer Camp is “taking a hiatus” over the next few years. They cited things such as the pandemic, the location, being an independent festival, and more as the reasons behind the change. I really can’t say much else to summarize and you should probably just read the information yourself for the true story.

This breaks my heart in so many ways. First off, I’ve been coming to Summer Camp every year since 2015. The festival has become my second home. Every year, my festival family and I head back to Chillicothe for an unforgettable weekend. While each year has seen different people in my festival family, I’ve had nearly everyone I’m close with at this festival at one point or another. We’ve made so many memories and I want to share a few of my favorites here.

First off, Grandma Wook. You can read the whole story here, but basically, this crazy grandma had us set up her tent and we never saw her again. We get so many laughs out of this one and tell the story to anyone who will listen. We laugh to this day about her.

Next up, we’ve got the rave pot. Why we did this- I truly have no idea. Someone at my campsite grabbed our cooking pot, threw a strobe light in it, and we went out and DANCED. I literally mean the one from the kitchen, FYI! I smile just thinking about how that pot bonded us. So many people came and talked to us.

Finally, we’ve got the fish mailbox. My friend was convinced that there was a fish mailbox in the forest somewhere and so we spent HOURS just looking for this mailbox. It was hilarious and a wonderful memory spent with my friends.

There are countless more memories that take place at this festival. And this year, I’m excited, yet sad, to make more. This is the end of an era. Summer Camp is going to change drastically. We don’t know what the future holds for SCamp. It does sound like they want to gather again at Three Sisters Park next year, but there will be many changes in store for us. So if you have your tickets, great! Let’s make this a weekend to remember. If not, there’s still time to experience this festival one last time before the changes! So grab your pals and let’s get ready for Summer Camp! It’s coming up in less than two weeks! Scoop that pre-party ticket and make memories with the people closest to you!

A few quick tips before I end- See my full list of tips HERE!

  1. Bring a wagon. Enough said.
  2. Cover your mouth! SCamp gets dusty!
  3. Rainboots are necessary if it is going to rain! Trust me there!
  4. Get there Thursday if you want to camp in the Forest.

Be on the lookout for TFV at SCamp! We’ll be handing out stickers and other goodies throughout the weekend! See you all soon!

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