jakub | October 5, 2023

Should You Use Your Phone At A Show?

Do you use your phone at festivals or concerts? This is a hot topic, with some people believing that people should enjoy the moment and put the phone away, while others say it enhances their experience as they take pictures and videos to remember the experience. Just check out social media- there are memes about this everywhere! While everyone has their own opinion, it hasn’t been very common for events to create restrictions regarding phone use. However, that is about to change! James Hype and Meduza are preparing to bring an amazing back-to-back to ADE, with the idea that everyone should enjoy themselves to the fullest, no phones included.

This phone-free policy comes directly from the duo themselves, who are tired of seeing the sea of phones all night long taking over the dance floor. They’re not the only artists to bring this issue to attention. Certain underground spaces such as Berghain in Berlin already prohibit the use of cameras. However, this policy is new territory, uniting one family on the dancefloor.

The duo said: “Amsterdam! We’ve been contemplating how to bring us all back to the core of what we do best and we’ve come to a conclusion. We have decided to uphold a strict no-phone policy at James Hype & Meduza present Our House during Amsterdam Dance Event. This means no phones on the dancefloor and no pictures or videos. Everything started with a passion for music and live events and we want to bring us back to that principle. We intend for the dance floor to become a place to enjoy music and meet new people without any outside distractions, allowing us to truly go back to our love for this industry. We hope we can count on your support in achieving this and now more than ever to bring the very best version of yourself. See you soon!”

The special ADE edition of Our House will be produced by Amsterdam-based ALDA. The powerhouse events agency is also responsible for AMF, taking place on Saturday, October 21st as well as Insomniac Records presents Mau P at Thuishaven on Wednesday, October 18th. 

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