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Cardiff Arena recently hosted Simple Minds, the legendary 80s band, on the penultimate stop of their UK tour. They will be performing their last gig in Scotland before heading to Europe in April and then ending the year with a world tour.

The supporting act for the concert was none other than the brilliant Del Amitri, who also hails from Scotland. A global band themselves, they have five top ten UK chart albums with sales topping 6 million.

As Del Amitri casually walked on stage waving, they kicked off with one of their biggest hits, “Always the Last to Know”. Almost instantly, the audience stood up and started singing and dancing in the aisles. Del Amitri has the perfect blend of indie folk pop matched with the soulful voice of Justin Currie flowing through it. Watching members of the audience laying their heads back gently nodding, eyes closed, and taking in the music was a brilliant sight to see. Laughing at the end of “Not Where It’s At” after forgetting which verse they were on, Justin Currie explained that he was thinking of Scotland’s guest list for Friday, and then they carried on effortlessly through their set. The set ended with Andy Alston coming forward from the piano to take centre stage with the accordion for the mega-hit “Nothing Ever Happens.”


Set List:

1/ Always the Last to Know

2/ Opposite View

3/ Kiss This Thing Goodbye

4/ Not Where It’s At

5/ Driving With the Brakes On

6/ Missing Person

7/ Lonely

8/ The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere

9/ Stone Cold Sober

10/ Nothing Ever Happens



Simple Minds then took to the stage. Their energy was unmatched as if it was their very first concert, which was amazing to consider given that the band had been formed in 1977. The set began effortlessly and you could tell that the experience of each musician on stage was flowing through them.

The sound was outstanding, and a light show fit for a stadium dazzled the audience. Jim Kerr introduced the band members – Charlie Burchill on lead guitar, Ged Grimes on bass, Sarah Brown on backing vocals, Gordy Goudie on keyboard and backing vocals, and Cherisse Osei on drums. The biggest roar belonged to the Welsh drummer, who was met with a hint of booing after mentioning the football. But Jim quickly reassured her that Scotland was also quite used to not quite making it. After four songs, he joked that he was a bit worn out and needed to stop for a chat.

You would be mistaken to think that this was a seated show. There were not many people sitting tonight, as the whole arena was up and dancing. They played through the set list, keeping the big hits for later on.

The band left the stage, with the drummer taking on a solo. She was powered on by the Welsh support to push herself to the limits, not disappointing and ending with erupting cheers and applause. She jumped out of her seat to thank the crowd.

The pipes started flowing through the air, introducing “Belfast Child”. The arena lit up with phones and Jim Kerr put so much emotion into every lyric, which seemed endless. It sent shivers down your spine before transitioning into powerful music with loud booming vocals.

The main set ended with a 12-minute version of “Don’t You”. The clapping and singing back at Simple Minds did not let up for one second.

You couldn’t help but stand and watch in awe, taking in the masterclass that was just performed right in front of your eyes.

“I asked a fan, ‘Were Simple Minds how you expected them to be? And what made you come tonight?’

‘Yes, they were. They sounded exactly as I remember from many years ago. I am 50 this year, so it was my era. I came to the show because I remembered and enjoyed their music back in the day and never had the chance to see them before.’

– Steven Collins from Swansea”



Set List:

1/ Waterfront

2/I Travel

3/ Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel

4/ Sweat in Bullet

5/ This Fear of Gods

6/ Let There Be Love

7/ Solstice Kiss

8/ Once Upon a Time

9/ Glittering Prize

10/ Promised You a Miracle

11/ New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)

12/ Belfast Child

13/ Someone Somewhere in the Summertime

14/ Don’t You (Forget About Me)

15/ Book of Brilliant Things

16/ See the Lights

17/ Alive and Kicking

18/ Sanctify Yourself














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