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Some Like It Hot’s Marc Shaiman Pens New Lyrics to South Park’s ‘Blame Canada,’ Referencing 2023 Wildfire Smoke


Some Like It Hot‘s Marc Shaiman Pens New Lyrics to South Park‘s ‘Blame Canada,' Referencing 2023 Wildfire Smoke

Shaiman originally wrote “Blame Canada” with South Park creator Trey Parker in 1999.

Marc Shaiman
Michaelah Reynolds

Some Like It Hot writer Marc Shaiman has had just about enough of the smoke cloud that has descended over the East Coast. The smoke, which led to several performances canceled across New York due to poor weather quality, is the result of wildfires that are currently burning through Canada.

In response, Shaiman took to Facebook June 7 to pen new lyrics to the song “Blame Canada” from the 1999 South Park film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Shaiman co-wrote the original song with South Park creator Trey Parker.

Check out video of Shaiman performing the new lyrics below:

Shaiman captioned the video as follows, with his new lyrics transcribed.

“When I co-wrote “BLAME CANADA” with Trey Parker in 1999, who knew it would be a theme that would apply to June 2023?! As we find ourselves quarantining yet again, I give you my rewrite…”

“Blame Canada 2023”

I can't breathe

My throat is just a mess

My chest is burning up

And now my lungs are in distress

Should we blame the imbeciles

Ignoring climate change?

Oh, who to blame

For making the skies so strange?

I know!

Blame Canada

Blame Canada

It seems our friends up in Quebec

Have made Manhattan a stinkin' wreck

Blame Canada

Shame on Canada

For… the fog and the smog

The haze from the blaze

The Ontario smoke

That's making us choke

We must escape

But folks, fear not

Get off the streets

And see Some Like It Hot!!

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